Sunday, January 29, 2012

Popcorn & Poison

Sooooo After cramming all these fantastic photos in this post, it came to my realization that I am obsessed with my husband. That's a good thing...right? Pretty much all the pictures I take are either of the hubs or of our Furbaby Carli. So... just a warning - If You Don't Want to See Pictures of Pat DO NOT Scroll Down-!! (There are some pics of me too obvi ;)

LAST Weekend was very relaxing and wonderful! It started on Friday with Popcorn & Poison ;) (That's what I am calling soda again... yes AGAIN because in the 9th grade I did a scientific project called "Soda A.K.A. Poison" and my mom reminds me of this every time she sees me reaching for the devils black elixir) I am trying to stop drinking the elixir of life but the Hubs is an enabler... I mean he TEACHES enablers how to enable he's SO bad! When I am trying to lose weight the man brings home cupcakes! He does it out of the goodness of his heart,  I know, but for heaven sake... Are you asking for a fat wife?!?! So OF COURSE he had just brought home a 6 pack of the good stuff so I couldn't possibly just throw it out! I mean there are starving and thirsty peeps out there! So I am drinking all the soda in our fridge like a camel guzzles water because I know that THIS TIME when it's gone... it's gone for good. Ughhhh... it hurt to type that, that was the first time that gut-wrenching thought was shared. Admittance is the first step... right? Or at least one of the steps...?
ANYWAY... we watched some creepy movie with ryan Gosling in it that I would not recommend watching... And that my friends is a FIRST because ANY movie with Ryan Gosling is worth watching... until I saw this one. 

Carlita kept begging me to let her try the popcorn I burnt..(yup, so domestic that I burn popcorn:) ) So I gave her a piece..or two... or half the bowl!! Don't judge... she doesn't love me as much as she loves Pat so I am trying to win her love back any way possible and I am in NO way above playing dirty ;) 

The next afternoon I met up with these Lovely Gals for a little Sip & Talk (my pun off Snip and Tuck... I know SO CLEVER!!) 
We were fancy and ate Frittatas because that is what fancy people do; while my favorite Latina Nugget tossed her freshly ombred hairs... ^^ seen above in photo on left! 

That night ( I Think it was that night at least... : /'s all starting to blur together! ) I made this amazing meal and totally Whoo'd the Hubs! It was a mushroom veggie pie... It was DAMN good and I am VERY proud, totally redeemed my popcorn burning self! YAY

My next pie goal is pecan... OMGAWD I just gave myself the chills thinking about it! 

On Sunday Morning we skipped off to church! Pat looked cute :)

At church we met my dear friend Natalie from high school , I really wish I got a pic of us but I was spacing out and didn't... NEXT TIME! 

Later that afternoon we went to the park! (yes Pat changed his sweater LOL) We love this park because we have it all to ourselves... as you can see that is because it is CLOSED, BUT... they can't stop us! It is actually the baseball and soccer field at the La Jolla YMCA but we call it a park. 
And when we leave there's no traces of Me, Pat, Or Carlita bc we ALWAYS pick up her droppings :) ^^ That's what the bag above is for!^^

In the Dugout ;)
Teaching Carlita to use the fountain... she was a little shy at first
It was a great weekend!! Lot's of time together and beautiful weather! Hope your weekends were just as fabulous!! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

XO XO, Gossip Girl

For daysssssss me and the Hubs tried to get our greedy little paws on the most sought after cupcake this side of the 5. We'd call... they'd be sold out; we downloaded apps to get secret whisper words only VIP cupcake eaters know about... NADA, We offered our first born furbaby... NOTHING, they're out... to slow we were. What cupcake you ask (?)... as I am sure you are DYING to know... this cupcake my friends is Sprinkles S'More cupcake!! I am sure you are ALL wondering; because it was naturally the first thought that came to my mind (WINK, WINK) "What brilliant mind came up with such a Divine mini cake?" Well... none other than the luscious locked Gossip Girl herself... Blake Lively! I am SUREEEEE she spent DAYYYYYSSSS dreaming up such a novel cupcake ;) How great of her! TGFBL (Thank God For Blake Lively) duh!

Anyway... this cupcake was totally tits (o)(o) Marshmallow frosted, graham cracker crusted, bit of heaven in my mouth. Warning: It was messy... like WOAH how'd I get marshmallow in my jeggings messy ;) But... TOTALLY worth it! However... Red Velvet is still my favy. :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stuffed Sausage

Hello My dearies :)
How was your weekend? Well, I guess It's not quite over yet.. use your time wisely ;)

So... I am a little behind here and I am trying to catch up!! 
This post is about LAST weekend... not to be confused with THIS weekend, that will debut later on :)

Last weekend was overflowing with fun! Actually when I think of last weekend I think of (this may be a little sick) a ton of fun stuffed into a little sausage casing! If you're not picking up on that mental image what I am trying to say is that it was AWESOME! Jam packed with AWESOME

On Friday night we went out with some of our Amigos to this tasty Mexican restaurant called Ortega's - it is in Hillcrest (NO spell check! I am NOT trying to spell Holocaust, geeez! what nerve!)  its so good. The salsa... you will die.. so good! The chips were so salty just the way I like them! I am an excessive salter so to not have to add salt was huge for me! I had the Mango & Mint Margarita and I have been craving it ever since, I would like one with breakfast, lunch and dinner ;) Alcoholic much...?

I left Ortega's with a little buzz, so much so, that I decided to join my lady friends for a night out in PB! I went home put my tracks in then went to Jordyn's house; I needed her to dress me because naturally I had NOTHING to wear!! I know you ladies know what I mean! Your closet is so crowded you can barely sort through your sh*t but some how you have NOTHING to wear! 

Me and My Lady Friends 

The end of the night.... may have had one too many... or three of four :) judging by my face that I seemed to think was hilarious at the time... but I had a GREAT time! Sorry to ruin the picture ladies :) and you can't crop me out because my head is all up in therrrr, snuggled in tight! 

Any whoooo, The next morning we slept in and then went to Eastlake to hang with my parents. My parents have been in town for weeks/months now helping my aunt Laura and they were planning to leave the next day so we want to see their Lovely faces before they went back North! 
I thought I looked cute so naturally I made Pat photograph me... for the blog of course!! ;) 
I was wearing... 
Sweater: Forever, Tall Socks: H&M, Shoes: Target, Sunglasses: Anthropology 

Then Pat and Carlita had their turn... they know how to work the camera ;)
Pat was wearing...
Vest: H&M, Shirt: Volcom, Pants: Levi, Shoes: Sperry, Sunglasses: Shwood + Pendelton 

Us with our Furbaby 
Pit stop at SBUX 
 That night we hung with Laura and my parents we went on a WalMart run, got Pat some camo panties that he couldn't live without + other essentials for Laura. 

Then we had a farewell dinner at PF Changs... Gawd I love that place. Their Mojito's... HEAVEN!  We all ate wayyyyy to much but did not regret a single bite because we were living it up! 

The night ended with me and Carli snuggled on the couch watching some mindless show no doubt while Pat worked out and then soaked his rickety old joints in the hot tub because he's a 90 year old man ;) 

Now that we have Carlita I often wonder.... "what did we do before you... we must have been so bored." Now I can't imagine my life without the little critter... I'm sure it's the same when you have kids... hopefully :) 
I know, I know most of you would call it a weekend at that point BUT me and Pat... oh no... we're like the energizer bunny and we never quit, just keep going and goinggggg

SO on Sunday we woke up and went to Church. Then we hopped in the Element and drove to Newport to visit one of my dearest friends, we go WAYYYY back... practically back to the womb, but not quite... we met in Kindergarten. Her mom was our Kindergarten teacher... I know, right! I don't think it's fair either, I mean EVERY one should at least have a chance at teachers pet, but she had an automatic in...NOT FAIR!! 

She took us to this lovely place for Brunch, called Woodys... they had bottomless Mimosa's, need I say more? Didn't think so. 

The men watched some dumb game that was on while us ladies caught up on life! It was so pleasant! So pleasant that there was even a rainbow! (see below photo) 

Perfect weekend

Friday, January 20, 2012

Lazy A$$

Let me tell you friends -- I LOVE my days off!! Not just days off, but DAYS OFF... you know, the kind where you have absolutely NOTHING planned. They go like this:

12a.m. (night before day off): should I set an alarm? NO! I got no reason to rush my lazy A$$ out of bed!
9:30a.m.: wake up from a dream and contemplate getting up and having a productive day off, decide that's BLASPHEMY! Resume sleep
11:30 a.m.: Groggily wake from dream... Contemplate waking up.... but just can't
12:00p.m.: Feel guilty for sleeping in even though that was the plan and peel yourself out of warm cozy bed
12:02: Go pee (TMI?)
12:05: Wander around house trying to figure out why I made myself get out of bed.
12:08: Make coffee
12:12: Melt into the couch, turn on T.V. Check Facey.... almost comment or like something but then remember that I haven't responded to my Noties and if I pay others attention before responding to Noties it may upset my peeps, so...I decide against it.
12:13: Look at all my noties and contemplate responding then decide against because my morning coffee hasn't completely set in yet and I'm too groggy and won't seem Smiley enough and I mean... why rush, right? I have ALL day!
12:20: Coffee buzz... respond to noties. Paint Facebook red with Likes and Comments galore!
12:40: Catch up on tivo shows.
2:00: Think about getting out a jammies... decide against.
2:15: Feel guilty about still being in Jammies.
2:17: Think about working out, feel like I should even though I told myself the day before that I didn't have to work out because its my DAY OFF, guilt overcomes me and I decide too do some "gentle" working out on demand.
2:20: Change out of jammies into "work - out clothes"(jammies + sports bra)
2:25: Scroll through on demand for a free workout that looks easy yet will burn 2,000 calories in 10 min and make my metabolism work like magic the rest of the day! Decide on beginners Yoga with an emphasis on core toning.
2:30: Try and master Yoga breathing while Carlita stands over me licking my forehead.
2:35: Downward Dog
2:37: roll around on the floor some more doing "yoga"
2:40: water break.
2:45: More rolling.
2:50: Call it a day. 
2:55: Rinse off, give myself a free pass on hair washing and shaving because it's my DAY OFF!
3:10: Dry off, put on lounge wear ( Comfortable clothing that promotes movement and lounging but also is somewhat acceptable to be worn in public, just in case one might decide to get froyo or Sprinkles - i.e. leggings, yoga pants, sweatshirt, ugg like shoes (if shoes at all))
3:15: Think about putting on make-up.... decide against it.
3:20: Return to couch, think about what I want to eat... realize that Pat get off work in 40 min and will be STARVING (bc men are ALWAYS starving) and so I decide to wait for him, and while waiting munch on white cheddar popcorn.
4:15: Pat gets home. He is STARVING, he wants to use our Mister A's gift card for a romantic night out.
4:16: I explain that today is my DAY OFF so I am in no way prepared for that sort of outing because lounge wear is not acceptable at Mister A's.
4:18: We decide on Rubio's.

So the rest of the day is pretty much like the first part of the day except without the working out and showering and it's in a nutshell AWESOME! Some may call me Lazy, but I call me an expert rester, if you're seeking resting guidance contact me! This post was actually suppose to be about our weekend but somehow morphed into this...? Hakuna Matata :)

Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Husband is a Stranger.

So I thought I knew EVERYTHING about the hubs (Jean size, bacon obsession, first job at Wendy's, passwords, the list could grow, but none of us have all day) until one Sunday when I was proved very wrong! Here's how the story unfolds...

It is Sunday morning about 8:15, I just drove back from San Juan Capistrano for the girls weekend and was going to pick up Pat and be at church at 9:00. I call the boy when I am about 2 min from home and say "I really want a breakfast burrito, what do you want? I will grab them for us." He responds with "I would rather have a bagel" and I am thinking  -- A bagel over a burrito? I mean, I know you're a Jew but c'mon! -- ( that was my first realization that I didn't know my husband as well as I thought) Being the selfless wife I am I rolled with it...

I said:"Ok, I guess I can do a bagel, what do you want I am here I can run in and get it."
Pat says: " I want a jalepeno chedder ----(pause)--- I'll just call mine in."
I'm Thinking: you'll just CALL IT IN! ohhh too good for my ordering skills... your bagels to complex, its better than me!!?!
I say: " Call it in?! I'll just come pick you up and we can go together and get our bagels ok?!"

So I head home, get the dude and while we're driving over to the daily bagel Pats says " Yeah, I go to the Daily Bagel before work sometimes, every now and then."(clearly easing me into the shock he knew I would soon experience!) I respond with "You do?!?!, you never told me that" I was surprised I thought I knew everything about this man! Pat says "Ya huh, I've told you!" Me "No no, no you haven't but it's fine."

Then we arrive at the Daily Bagel and THIS folks -- THIS is where it gets good!

We walk in there's two people in line some adorable Asian ladies behind the counter. Darling Asian ladies eyes grow wide and excited as she shouts toward the door "OH HIIII PATRICK!" I look at Pat so confused --- she knows his name? She seems so excited to see him.... weird---. Pat can barely get out a "Hiii" before she skips over the next two people in line and says "YOU WANT YOUR USUAL? YO BLENDED?" as she nods and smiles and grabs the espresso maker thingamajig and gets to work before he even has time to say "yaaa" I'm thinking ---HIS USUAL?!?!?! how often is he here!!!  And, this "habit" well, it's more than just a bagel clearly! And, if you know my husband he can't get anything normal off the menu... things must be added, adorned, deep fried so on and so forth, so OF COURSE he has some custom iced blended black and white mocha espresso drink with an add shot + whip cream!! I mean REALLLLLLY Pat!?!?!? THEN the other darling Asian lady asks "You want yo regular, wit the chive and bacon crea chee?" his regular?? Oh wowwww. Then Pat, I am sure feeling a bit awkward with his addiction just being revealed to me in all says "Have you met my wife? This is Kayla." Darling Asian lady says "Ohhhh she soo pwetty Patrick! She pwetty wife!" (my fav part of the story obvi!) The we finish up getting all of Pat's custom orders and Darling Asian lady says "Bye Patrick!! I see you tomorrow, ya?!?!" I'm thinking ---- TOMORROW? Does Pat come EVERY day?!? For heaven sakes Patrick! Let a wife know! 

That day my friends... was a REAL eye opener. Ever since, I feel like I am married to a stranger.... it will take baby steps, baby steps people to recover. One step at a time :)

Photo cred:

Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Wonders

Thank GOD for iPhone, Thank GOD for instagram - without these I do not know if I could remember my own name let alone a weekend past! When I write a blog post I have to scroll back through my photos to jog my memory, it's sad that I am so dependent but I would be hopeless with out so... :)

Last weekend I got to have some much needed girl time. Ever since my dear friends graduated from UCSD ( I still am there till June) my girl time has been far and few. As much as I thought things would not change after Pat and I got married (bc we lived in sin before marriage!... I know! I know! Que judgement now!), I was wrong! Things changed... for the better, but none the less they changed and one of those changes was more Hubby time and less girl time. SO me, Ella and Bri piled in the Element and drove up to San Juan Capistrano to visit my treasured friend Caitlin. When we arrived Caitlin spoiled us with chilled champagne, strawberries, mini quiches and (I KNOW!  settle down Hostess with the Mostest) AND bruchetta!! We gossiped and giggled (can't believe I just typed that, but there's really no better way to describe) and then got dolled up and had cocktails all over town, then came home and watched friends and ate sticky spaghetti, It was great! It was lovely seeing them, makes me regret taking last year for granted when we all had similar schedules and lived in the same town!

Baby Caitlin So presh!! 

On Sunday morning I woke up early, went to church then went to Pat's mom's Birthday. It was a special day and such a fun party because some of my dearest family was there. My parents came, my aunt Laura, Pat's grandparents Irv and Elaine and more great people! We loved getting to catch up and laugh and spend some much needed QT time with each other!

All in All I think i should get an A+ for the weekend. I spent it wisely, crammed in as much as I could, ate whatever I wanted, laughed, and was pooped by the end of it!

Judy Bowing out her candles, Decanted Milk and Chocolate poker chips!!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Purple & Grey Baybay!!

Hello Kitty Katz! Today I wanted to do a fashion post! Featuring one of my favorite outfits (the hubs too) and one of our favorite dates (our 1 month wedding anniversary).

Top: Forever 21, Skirt: Dreamgirls Boutique, Shoes: Aldo, Bag: Aloha Sunday Vintage Score!, Watch: Michael Kors.

Top: Urban Outfitters, Pants: Levi, Husband: HOT!

Sleep tight Love Bugs :) 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

The Valentines Tree

Hello Friends!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! I am sorry for being MIA as of late, I would make up a good excuse as to why that is but frankly - I don't have one... So... shame on me! I guess when you have a blog with no followers you're not really letting anyone down when your MIA anyway haha, so who am I trying to kid!

Anyway... This past week my mother and I created the Valentines tree! The story behind the Valentines Tree goes as such: In September my Aunt Laura was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. She was told that she would most likely not see another Christmas. With that said she decided to put up her FIRST and probably LAST Christmas tree; she had bought a beautiful tree a few months back off QVC and it had remained in its box collecting dust waiting for its big debut! My dad helped her put the tree up and Laura and my other Aunt Carol adorned it with beautiful ornaments. Christmas came and passed and the tree still owned its window in the corner. Since we knew it would be her last Christmas tree my mom suggested we leave the tree up and transform it into a Valentines Tree! Laura was thrilled with the idea so my mom and I got to work! Creating paper ornaments for the tree! We are pretty proud of how are VTREE turned out and Laura LOVES it, which was the purpose of the VTREE so all is well! Take a look!

Don't take your health for granted, we are SO BLESSED!! xoxo

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Our New Years

Hello Friends! How has your 2012 been so far? Ours has been pretty fab if I do say so myself! We had a VERY relaxed New Years Eve. We spent it at my Grandparents house in Palm Springs living like senior citizens! We had dinner promptly at 5 like the old people do and once all the elderly hit the hay we got our party on!! No, not really, but we did go and see the movie New Years Eve - it seemed appropriate. I didn't love the movie, Valentines Day was much better but we still enjoyed ourselves, it's always fun seeing a movie in the theater!

 Our first kiss at 12:00 as husband and wife wasn't quiet as exciting as imagined. The movie got out earlier than we expected so we were driving home when the clock struck midnight making a passionate kiss a tad awkward and dangerous! So I leaned over to Pat who was driving and he tilted his head toward me, his eyes still open and on the road and there it was a peck! I think we're still in need for a redo - can never get to many redos ;)

On the first day of 2012 I ate like a king; having eggs benny at the clubhouse, my fav AND then best cup of coffee in a longggg time! Then we played Ceaser, the dog whisperer and tried to train Carlita to come (a command she seems to think is optional) and hung out in the sun washing cars, drinking hand squeezed mimosas and enjoying family! Great start of the New Year! Hope you are having a wonderful 2012 so far!