Monday, April 30, 2012

My Plan Vs. The Days Plan

Hello Lovies!! 
Happy Monday....if Monday can ever be happy...?
I have the best case Monday scenario 
{At home. on couch. no where to go!!!} 
But still... it is Monday and Monday - I hate to break it to ya, butttt you are notorious for just sucking! 

Did ya'll have a fabulous weekend?!?!
I don't know where in the world "ya'll" just came from but I'm digging it! 
Maybe all the stagecoach instagrams and such are rubbing off on me! 

Yesterday was such a failure of a day...
I had plans, i am talking BIG plans to get  sh*t done! 
And I mean... I had A LOT to do but somehow...none of it got done! The day had other plans for me! And, when the day has other plans for you... you just don't argue! I'm not going to lie I liked the day's plans for me WAYYYYY better than I liked my plans for me so thank you day for pissing all over my plans {why am I using the word pissing so much lately?!!? Not ok.. but I just can't stop!}
So here is my plans VS. the days plan 

my plan: wake up at 8 do some light reading {19 novels!!!} about Hitler for my History class 
days plan: sleep in till 11:27 

my plan: IMMERSE myself in readings about whether or not Hitler's balls dropped...????!!! what kind of class is this?!!?!?
days plan: watch 4 episodes of Lost in jammies 

my plan: write 4 blog posts about technology for a class blog 
days plan: get a mani pedi with a dear friend :)

my plan: go to church 
days plan: get into jammies at 5 and watch Lost on the coach with Pat and Carlita till 10!!!! 

my plan: study before bed
days plan: spend the rest of the night drooling over fashion blogs eating a peanut butter brownie! 

some things just aren't suppose to happen I guess... and frankly if it's gonna happen like that I'm not going to complain! I mean... I'll feel extremely guilty for "wasting" so much time, but I'd be damned fool to complain about my day yesterday! It was pretty epic! 

SO I hope your yesterday was more productive....or...maybe I don't :)

On another note... here are some photos Pat took, I edited and I have more coming so STAY TUNED!! 

My face cracks me up here - I was so scared when the train went by!!
And P.S. how fabulous is my cheetah vest!?!?! It was from my mom's awesome and so fashionable friend!! Thank you Judyanne!! XOXO

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Wisdom, Wrongs, and Whoopie WIth The Hull's!!!

Yes, folks....
It IS that time!! 
The time of 
Wisdom, Wrongs and {everybodies favorite} Whoopie!! 
Today is a good, good day! 

This weeks couple is so very near and dear to my heart! 
The husband was my VERY first friend, and my VERY first enemy ;) 
he's my brother! 
And his much prettier half...well, she was my nanny! 
And now my sister! 
{sounds wayyyyy more scandalous than it really was... she was his girlfriend before my nanny but, I like to make my brother sound like a perve :) I mean what sister doesn't?!?}

The two dolls were high school sweethearts. Young lovers at their finest... and they still are today after over a decade of marriage and two little kiddies!
I love them both to the moon and back! 
My brother knows how to push my buttons like no one else but he can also make me laugh till tears so I guess I like him ;) And Julie is as sweet as tupelo honey, she has one of the sweetest soul of ANYONE I know with the perfect hint of sassy! I mean... they just don't make em' better than that! We're all still trying to figure out how Wes got so lucky...

What I love about this interview is they filled it out separately and haven't seen each others answers!!! They've been waiting in suspense for a whole week and now I finally get to share it with them! What makes it EVEN better is I'm with them both right now!! SO I get to hear their laughs and see their smiles!! YAY! 

SO without further ado I give you some of my very favorites 
Wes and Julie Hull 
{This picture really captures their fun love!} 
and a little something else....
YUP! that's me as the flower girl!! Just wish I still had those awesome kitten heals... barf! 
 and a little note from Julie about these priceless photos...

"Our Wedding pictures are hilarious to us.  The day of our wedding the lady that did my pre-wedding hair trial didn't show up the day of the wedding to do my hair!  So, I didn't get what I wanted at all, neither did my bridesmaids.
Wes has never let anyone else do his hair since the wedding!  They messed it up sooo bad. So basically we hate our wedding photos.  Maybe one year we can dress up and do it again :-)"

1. How long have you been married?

Julie: We have been together for eleven in a half years and together almost sixteen!!!

Wes: We have been married 11 years 5 months and 21 days.

2. What made you realize you could spend the rest of your life with one another?

Julie:  What made me realize I could spend the rest of my life with Wes is the way we get each other and we don't force one another to change into something we are not.

Wes: There is no one time I just always knew. Some things in life are very obvious.

3. What is the best piece of advice you received during your first year of marriage?

Julie: The best piece of advise I received during our first year of marriage is never go to bed angry at each other.  We have broken that rule a few times in these eleven years, but we have done pretty well with it.

Wes:  Always file your taxes on time, and don't spend more than half your monthly income on your house payment. Most importantly "credit cards are the devil".

4. What is your favorite thing about being married and why?

Julie: My favorite thing about being married is going through this journey together and being so comfortable together ( In a good way, we are like an old married couple).  I love it!!

Wes: The longer we are married the more the things change. It was once just being together, then it was making plans together, then it was starting a family, then it was raising a family, and now my favorite thing is seeing all of those things grow and come together just like our marriage.

5. What is your fondest memory throughout your married years?

Julie: Being together since we were in High School you go through a lot of changes together.  I can't pin point one fondest moment, but since I have to definitely my wedding day and the day Megan and Wayne were born.

Wes: There are so many great memories that I can't even start to pinpoint one. My favorite times are when we are all enjoying the same activity, weather it's golfing or just hangin around the house.

6. What is the biggest struggle you overcame in your marriage? 

Julie:  Probably the biggest struggle we overcame in our Relationship not Marriage is for sure our younger years.  Figuring each others buttons and which ones NOT to push.  Our married life so far so good :-)

Wes: For me it was learning that Julie had a whole other life and family away from ours. Just kidding

7. At the end of a rough relationship day, what is the most important thing to remind yourself?

Julie: At the end of a rough relationship day the most important thing to remind yourself is not to hold GRUDGES and FORGIVE!!  (Wes, Kayla, & Shirlee).  Sorry to throw names out their but it kind of runs in the family... Lol

Wes: I just have to look around for a second and see what all we have made together, and I realize what I've got.

8. What advice would you give to others that are trying to make their love last forever?

Julie: My advise to others trying to make their love last forever is to always tell the truth no matter what!

Wes: Always tell the truth, and listen to your spouse.

9. Where is the most risque place you made whoopie?

Julie: Hhhhmmmm, whoppie ;-)
     In our younger years, at a golf course, thats all I am going to say

Wes:  I don't understand the question. I guess Whoopies most risque movie would be the one were she dressed up like a nun...sister act I think it was. ....Please don't use any of this against me when I run for president in 2016

and here are these two lovebirds now with their adorable babes!! 

Awe.... they make my heart smile! 
Love you Wes and Julie!! 
Thanks so much for participating!! 
Please leave them some love via comment or like!

Stay tuned for next week!! I can't wait to share that couples interview with you!! 
If you and your lover would like to participate please email me! 

Monday, April 23, 2012


Happy Monday Lovies!!
I have an Un-Godly amount of crap to do this week. 
Don't you hate that... those weeks that are just wayyyy to much work and much too little fun?!
SO not fair! 
But at least I only have 7 more weeks till I am done with school and at least done with school crap ;)
That's my pot' o' gold at the end of the rainbow I keep chasing! 

On a brighter note. 
A much, MUCH brighter note! 
Have you seen these photos?!?
If we're friends on facebook you probably have because I have been pimping them out all over the place because I am mildly obsessed with them! 
That's a lie!!
It's a full blown obsession!
And if you have not seen them, that probably means we're not friends on Facey and that should change!
SO add me here
send me your info and I'll add you! 

A few weeks ago my dear friend Erica of Acres Of Hope Photography
{who also shot our wedding
asked us to be her "models" for a mentor shoot with this darling photographer Courtney of Day Photography & Co. Of course we said yes! Because who in the hell turns down an opportunity to be called a "model"?!?!? AND who in the hell turns down incredible photos from Erica? 
Crazy folk, that's who! And Pat and I... well we're a lot of things but we aren't crazy! 

We had so much fun, laying in the grass, frolicking like hippies! 
At least that is the way I would like to remember it... I forgot to wear my hiking boots that day and well, I'm naturally one of the most clumsy people I know so the combination of heals and a rocky terrain well, I'll leave it to your imagination :)
But really we had so much fun!
I love pretending to be a model and Pat's blue steel is really coming along so together we make a lot of awkward and a few amazing faces! 
It's pretty neat :)

I love the photos we got! Erica did such an amazing job, but really that is NO surprise! 
She has such a God given talent for photography it never ceases to amaze me! 
I love getting to do shoots with her because she's such an easy person to be around, getting your photos taken especially for a HUGE occasion like your wedding can be so stressful but she makes it so effortless and fun and then when you see your photos you have to pick your jaw up off the ground because you're shocked at how good she somehow made you look! And not just you but the photo as a whole is just glowing with gorgeousness! The lighting is so heavenly and your skin looks like an angel pissed on it, the trees they are singing, the ground dancing, the way she frames it and the angles... OH MY!! Just amazing! 
Since our wedding I've gotten to know Erica better, not only as a photographer but as a friend and she has a heart of gold! She's so sweet, so kind and so at peace with her life it's truly inspiring! I feel very blessed to know her as a friend and completely spoiled to know her as a photographer!

I tried to slim down the amount of photos and only share my favorites but nearly all of them were my favorite so there is still quite a few, but if you want to see all of them you can here!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Wisdom, Wrongs, and Whoopie With The Davidson's!!!

Hello Lovies!! 
Today is a very dreamy day over here. 
We have our SECOND installation of 
Wisdom, Wrongs and Whoopie
Does it get better?
Don't think so! 

Today we have a DARLING couple, you can't help but fall head over heals for them in a matter of seconds. After I finished reading their interview I couldn't resist just smiling. They're so lovely, so fun and so dang cute! I just want to pinch their cheeks! {too weird?} And besides being so completely scrumptious they are wise beyond their years, I think they are young lovers with old souls, you can really feel the love between them. It gave me butterflies!!  

They are
 Mr. and Mrs. Davidson 
Russell and the gorgeous Jaleen

I went to high school with both of them 
{They were high school sweethearts!!!} 
Jaleen was always such a sweetheart and she always looked fabulous in her cute little A&F outfits! 
{A&F was the sh*t at the time ;) } 
The only thing I DON'T like about these two is that they live in San Francisco!
Why you gotta be so far away!?!
I know if they loved closer I would probably try and hang out with them 24/7 and be a stage 5 clinger because I'm a little bit obsessed with them so maybe it's a good thing they're in SF :)

Here's the Gorgeous couple on their Wedding Day! 
And here is their interview answers... grab a tissue and prepare to laugh!! 

1. How long have you been married?

Jaleen: We have been married for a little over a year and a half. 

Russell: A year and a half (together for 9)

2. What made you realize you could spend the rest of your life with one another?

Jaleen: When we went on a three week national parks road trip in my little VW bug, complete with a tiny two-person tent and stainless steal wine glasses. We camped in below-freezing weather in Yellowstone and melting weather in the Grand Canyon and didn't shower for days at a time. At the end of the trip we looked at each other and said "If we had more money we would go for another 3 weeks". Of course I knew I wanted to marry him long before then, but this experience made me realize that marriage would be the most wonderful adventure. 

Russell: Before proposing we had been together for 6 years and although we had normal ups and downs as any other couple does we only grew closer and stronger. I loved everything about her and I knew in my heart that there was nobody else that I would rather share the joys of life with.

3. What was the best piece of advise you received during your first year married?

Jaleen: Hmmm, we have heard it all: "Never go to bed angry", "Fight naked" etc. but my very favorite advice has been to make it a point to pray together. 

Russell: This came after we had been married over a year, but the best advice has been “Combine your bank accounts”. Although it was really practical it was extremely important. It wasn’t just a combining of finances but a change of perspective that removed separation and tension in our marriage.

4. What is your favorite thing about being married and why?

Jaleen: In my vows I said that Russell has this way of "showering me with love and putting me in my place all at the same time". I absolutely love the way that he still flirts with me, that he picks me up and hugs me every time he gets home from work, and all that other good stuff. However, the best part about being married is that my husband challenges me every day and we grow together through every life adjustment. 

Russell: I love the way she always challenges me and how I can approach every situation knowing that she will be there for me.

5. What is your fondest memory throughout your married years?

Jaleen: My fondest memory has been getting the keys to our tiny apartment in San Francisco, because we had no idea what opportunities would come out of our "new life". 

Russell: The day of our wedding was amazing. It stands out to be because we had been together for a while before getting married I didn’t think that marriage would change our relationship much. But marriage has been a great change and that day stands out with such significance and importance that I will never forget how perfect everything was on that day.

6. What is the biggest struggle you overcame in your marriage?

Jaleen: The biggest struggle and the biggest blessing has been moving to San Francisco. We are used to living in small towns, so moving to a city that neither of us new very well was culture shock. I will never forget Russell having to teach me how to ride Muni and BART. But we have come to view our relationship in a completely new and refreshing way. We are high school sweethearts, so after being together for 9 years you think you know each other inside and out. Getting a fresh start by moving to a big city and meeting new friends has challenged us to look at marriage differently.It has always been natural to treat him as my best friend, but now I have learned to view Russell as my husband. 

Russell: We have had quite a few struggles throughout our relationship. Many of our struggles came from changing situations and circumstances that arose. We moved to San Francisco after college and also wanted to start a family, two things which were completely foreign to us. We quickly realized that we had very little control and that God placed us in each situation for a reason. Communication and prayer were what held us together and helped us through each situation that arose.

7. At the end of a rough relationship day, what is the most important thing to remind yourself?

Jaleen: That the purpose of marriage is not happiness, but holiness. 

Russell: If we have had a disagreement I have to remind myself that no matter how much I believe I am right I need to try to see things from Jaleen’s point of view. Rarely are either of us 100% right about something. Overcoming rough patches is not done alone and selfish thoughts and motives doesn’t make crossing them any faster.

8. What advise would you give to others who are trying to make their love last forever? 

Jaleen: 1. Never stop being playful 2. TALK! 3. Find great friends to vent to. 

Russell: Marriage is not something that you can enter into to make yourself happy. Although you will find joy and happiness from your relationship and your spouse, but if that is what you rely on then it will be very difficult to face the rough moments of life when they happen.

9. Where is the most risque place you made whoopie? 

Jaleen: Hot springs? :)

Russell: (Russell is too shy to answer this one ;) ) - Jaleen 
I told you that you would love them! 
Please leave them some love via comment or like!! 

Thank you so much for sharing Jaleen and Russell!! 
You guys are way too awesome! 

Stay tuned for next weeks couple they are very near and dear to my heart!! 
***Spoiler Alert***
Let's just say I am seeing a trend with the hubby's being a little shy about the whoopie question but this next one takes a real interesting twist! 

Email me @ if you would like to participate in an interview!! 

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are You My Calling?

Hello there lovies!! 
Long time no see! 
I miss you all! 

So these past few months I have been experiencing my first life crisis.
I like to call her my quarter -life crisis. 
We've heard all about Mr. Mid-Life crisis over here but quarter-life...well she's highly underrepresented! 
So here I am to represent this b*tch! 
Unlike mr. mid-life where the men buy red porches and attempt to sleep with women half their age whose skin feels like a baby dolphin and the women molest Julio the pool boy and have so much plastic surgery they start resembling Joan Rivers the quarter life crisis is much less scandalous. 
The quarter life crisis is truly depressing, at our age we don't have the money to buy porches and plastic surgery instead we spend our money on paying off school loans and expired parking tickets that have reached an Un-Godly rate! 
So. Less. Fabulous. than the mid-life crisis but after all, they do have another quarter of life on me so I guess they've earned their scandal. 

In less than 8 weeks I will be a college graduate 
{I don't want to jinx myself} 

Although I do feel accomplished and proud I also feel terrified! 
In less than 8 weeks I will be released into the wild. 
The career world. 
Basically, the Hunger Games of our time. 
All competing to the death for a scarce amount of jobs. 
What terrifies me more than that is that I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. 
I keep telling myself: "Well, hunny you ARE grown up so you better figure your sh*t out!" 
You would think after 19 longgggggg years of schooling I would know. It would be crystal clear. Oh but no no no! 
I am CLUELESS I feel like the kindergartner who gets asked what they want to be when they grow up and they say a Doctor or Princess or Astronaut. 
Well, can I be a princess? 
That sounds about my speed :)
I'm pretty sure I am qualified. 

But no. 
I may be as clueless as a kindergartner but... I am not as hopeful. 
I know, that at this point I cannot be whatever I want. 
I could be a lot of things but not whatever I want. 
I mean... I heard somewhere that you had to be of Royal Blood to become a princess or marry a prince and all that non-sense. 
Way to make a girl jump through a lot of hoops!

So now I am trying to figure out what exactly my calling is. 
Somewhere in these 19 years God must have whispered to me or screamed to me at this point what exactly I have been "called" to do. 
Did I just not hear him? Did I not want to hear him...? 
Am I deaf? 
So I am trying to find my calling through process of elimination. 
It's like the children's book by P.D. Eastman 
"Are You My Mother?" 
the dog goes around to all these different animals and asks them "are you my mommy?" they all say no until FINALLY he's reunited with his mommy! 
I feel like I am in a very similar process except I am asking 
"Are You My Calling?" 
Everywhere  I go, everything I do I have that in mind now. 
When we went on the Brewery Tours for Pat's birthdays I thought 
"This is it... I was called to brew beer!" 
The other day when me and Pat were rolling up the car windows just enough to get Carlita some fresh air I told Pat to roll the window up more and he said 
"No one could fit their hand through there!" 
then I showed him with my little fetus hand that indeed someone could fit their hand through there and that's when Pat suggested my calling may be breaking into cars! 
So that's some of what we've come up with so far
I will be a beer brewing car thief! 
Sounds easy enough ;) 
If anyone has any better suggestions please let me know!