Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Itty Bitty Vacation

 Well, believe it or not my computer charger is STILL not here... talk about snail mail for heaven sakes! If that thing doesn't come within this week, I'm gonna have to choke a B... I'll just leave it at that.

On a more blissful note, we took a mini vacation this past weekend! We left Thursday night, drove to the GORGEOUS town of Mendota... somewhere between the lovely Bakersfield and the charming Los Banos... who in their right mind names a town LOS BANOS?!?!?! I mean, REALLY, you couldn't think of anything better? I feel bad for the people who live there and whats worse is with that name I would expect some divine bathrooms, with like a toilet of gold or something equally as wowing but OH NO... you do not even want me to whisper a detail about the banos in Los Banos... but I have to, because you're my blog, and oh holy hannah i have got to tell someone! Two words -- flies.heat. use your imagination.... or even better, DON'T!The next morning we woke up and finished our drive and arrived in Tahoe!

Tahoe is one of my favorite places in summer. I just keep falling more and more in love with it. My grandparents have a Cabin on the lake there where I spent so many childhood summers and winters, I always loved Tahoe but now, I really appreciate it. It's like a retro wonderland, like if the Hampton's could meet Camp Wynamucka and date for a while, make out under the canoes then get married and make a baby... that baby would be TAHOE!

The trip was tiny.. pint size.... itsy bitsy, we came for a wedding that was absolutely beautiful, I will share it with you later but it was jam packed with so much greatness!! I took some killer shots on my camera but of course we have to wait for that damn charger... so until then Tohoegrams for you lovies!!!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

The Ace Hotel

Boy oh boy do I miss you guys! A series of huge life events (graduating college, wedding anniversary, getting a job!!!)mixed with some technical difficulties (computer charger dropped dead on me!) have left me high and dry in bloggersville BUT - they have also taught me a valuable lesson in blogging...

 Typically, because of my procrastinating ways I am behind a few days...weeks, in this case MONTHS on my blog posts... I know, I know!! But, in my defense this is usually because I want to make sure my posts are chronological, and I won't allow myself to post about the most recent things until my previous things are documented! But (yes, there are lots of tushies in this post :)) since I have fallen so behind and my computer charger croaked on me I am tossing that rule out the window! At least for now because I miss you guys! I miss blogging and I just can't wait to access my computer for photos so I am just going for it! Yeehaw!! Or should I say YOLO right folks... or i guess that is my pathetic use of YOLO ;) (for those of you unfamiliar with the acronym it means you only live once So please forgive the crummy iPhone pics and my short and sweet iPad (I know, grad gift...spoiled right!!) posst until I am back and fully functioning.

 Anyway the valuable lesson was -- just Ef it! Ef the rules, and especially Ef the rules if they're keeping me from blogging, YOLO ;) !! So from now on I am making a goal for myself to be more up to date and to not let my OCD chronologicalness be a wet blanket!! So here's a little somethin somethin for you guys... It's me and the hubs wedding anniversary vaycay to The swanky and oh so fabulously hipster and cool Ace Hotel!! We had such a ball!! We felt like we we time traveled back to the 70's!! The entire place looked like old Hollywood retro, so fabulous!! The people were so chill, the weather was hotter than Mississippi in the summertime (I just made that up because it sounded good!) the cocktails we're fabulous, and the people we're so trendy it gave us an excuse to bring out the big guns!(pink flamingo shorts for Pat and high wasted bikinis and flower crowns for yours truly! YOLO) Then on our last day we found the best coffee shop in all of California - Koffi! OMHeaven on earth this place was to die for! best damn coffee EVER!! If you're ever in Palm Springs go there! If you don't me and Pat will be forced to cut ties with you...sorry!

 And whoops, my B if I look wasted in every single one of the photos... I probably was!