Monday, April 9, 2012

Photos of Your Favorite Shixa!!

Hello Lovies!!! 
How was your Passover/Easter? 
I got to celebrate both since the Hubs family is Jewish and my family is Christian! 
I'm his little Shixa wifey!
If you are not familiar with the term "Shixa" it means (according to Urban Dictionary) 
"Non-Jewish women who is desired by Jewish men." 
Yes, that is me! 
All the Jewish men just flock over me ;) 
My dad once got me this great Shixa book when Pat and I first started dating. It was called 
Boy Vey! 
The Shixa's guide to dating Jewish Men 
By Kristina Grish. 

This book was the tits! 
The bees knees! 
The cats pajamas!

If you are a non-Jew dating a Jewish man 
cough (Brigitte) cough
(that's Pat's little brothers girlfriend) 

Holla at my Shixa sista Kristina for enlightening me! 
A little Jewish enlightenment never hurt a Shixa! 

Apparently, on the East coast I am every Jewish woman, mother and sisters WORST nightmare! 
I steal all the Jewish men from the single Jew ladies and then the boys mother and sister want me skinned and served in some Matzo Ball soup because I put an end to the Jewish Lineage. 
You see, if the mother of a baby is not Jewish the baby is not considered Jewish even if the baby daddy is! 
Luckily, Pat's family loves me regardless....right guys?
(maybe not after this post ;) ) 
But honestly marring a Jew and becoming a Shixa has been one of the best things that's happened to me! 
Here are some reasons why Jewish men are the best to date: 
1. They love their moms 
2. We don't have to fight over whose family we will spend Christmas with 
3. Adam Sandler is a Jew. Need I say more? Didn't think so :)
4. They are great family men 
5. They bring in the bucks $$ - do you think it's a coincidence that most Doctors and Lawyers are Jewish? It's not. 
6. Hanukkah  - they have 8 days of December gift giving and celebration! 
7. Bagels (obviously)
8. You don't have to wonder if they're circumcised 
9. They treat their women like GOLD 
****and the BEST reason
10. The chair dance at the wedding!! (I'm pretty sure that turned half my family Jewish!)

So lady friends, if you can nab a Jew NAB him! 
You will not regret it! 

On another note... here are some photos I took on my camera 
(remember, I am trying to step up my game!) 
The Hubs took them and I edited them in Lightroom! - I think I found a new passion! 
Take a peek! 

I'm still learning how to edit, and use Lightroom, but I'm kinda addicted! 

Happy Monday! 
Hope it's not too painful ;)

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