Friday, September 21, 2012

Trailer Park Princess

Today was just one of those days where you wake up and are like "Today I am going to tell the world I live in a trailer park." Have you guys ever had one of those?!?! This is my first too! I feel like I should go on and on about how guilty I feel about abandoning you these past few months... and don't get me wrong, the guilt ... it's overwhelming! BUT that will just have to be another post, where I beg for your forgiveness because, when you wake up and are compelled to write about your move to a trailer park, you just don't mess around. 

So... long story shorter - me and the hubs bought our first home, does that not sound like the sweetest thing on paper?!?! The detail we tend to leave out... that it's in a trailer park... If someone had told me in high school that I would be 23, married and living in a trailer park with a voluptuous papipom I would have laughed in their face. If they had told me I would be 23, married and living in a trailer park  with a voluptuous papipom AND loving it -- I would have SPIT in their face! Hell, if they had told me that LAST MONTH, I would have spit in their face! There are just some things in life that you just don't see coming... and definitely don't see yourself liking... my evolution to badass was one of them, but I am welcoming it with open arms! My move to the trailer park reminds me of when Charlize Theron was preparing for her role in Monster {which I am totally renting later today BTW} that girl completely   E M B R A C E D that role... gaining weight, striving to look haggard as all get out, Charlize was torn up from the floor up all to OWN that role! That is exactly how I feel about my transition to the trailer park, I feel haggard {I've been wearing daisy dukes and no make-up for daysss now} and feisty {I've resisted slapping Pat like 6 times now...}, like a BAMF -- I am E M B R A C I N G my role as Trailer Park Princess

The hardest pill to swallow is how white trash I already was... OR how white trash we ALL really are... that was the real mind f*ck! I mean way to get the short end of the stereotype stick just for living amongst a few homes with wheels...Geez!!! Some things that I tend to do { watch Day's Of Our Lives, scream at my dog, go bra- less, strongly consider getting a mini pig as next pet } to name just a few, and some things that people living in apartments tend to do {where their "yoga pants" or "vickis sweats" long past their last yoga sesh, read romance novels cough*** 50 Shade Of Gray*** cough, proudly wear their hair in a top knot, poop at the gym bathroom, host quinceaneras at the community pool, yell at roommates loud enough for entire complex to hear, and eat taco bell } just to name a few, are considered full throttle trailer trash when done inside a trailer park, but are acceptable and normal in an apartment complex...NOT FAIR! Some of these things that I practiced freely when living in an apartment complex I have to think twice about now in the trailer park... OR not... I've decided to  completely own my role as TPP {trailer park princess} and flip it all the bird! I mean is that not the beauty of living in a Trailer park!?!? You don't have to class it up because no one is on a high horse round' these parts!

 I've felt torn about writing this entry for a while, unfortunately I do have a lot of "friends" that are on high horses and I'm sure are LOVING this opportunity to see this as a low moment for me, but they couldn't be more wrong, this is a high moment for me and I actually love living here. I mean...yes, no neighborhood is perfect, my neighbor does cuss at her two cats and turtle and we may have been interrupted during a nightly prayer by a trailer fight BUT we've had our share of issues living everywhere... So, no, it's not perfect but yes , we do love it! It's not forever, but it's a place to start for us!!