Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Cheap Date

Yesterday me and the Hubs went on a cheap day date to the ball park. Once we got there all the gates were locked so we even jumped a fence! I almost ripped my pants, but I didn't praise God! The sun felt so nice on my eyelids while I sat in the grass watching Pat throw the ball for Carlita. And after - we got SBUX -  Life is good!

Judging by the pic above - I NEED sunglasses!! Ow m eyessssss!

Monday, December 26, 2011

The Dreaded Day After Christmas

Soooo, it's December 26th - quite possibly one of the most boring and unexciting days of the year. The day AFTER Christmas. Idon'tknow about you but I always have Christmas post partums, they usually set in at about 6:30 p.m. on Christmas mid dinner when I begin hating myself for feeling so sickly full and fat I realize yup this is it, the day we've been counting down till since Turkey Day; it came and now its going. Now the next big one is New Years (and I always have bad New Years') and we all know what comes with New Years - RESOLUTIONS, ughhhhh I hate resolutions - if I make one it's always to start working out, eat healthier, lose weight and that means every bad thing I eat after Christmas I have to feel guilty about and calculate how many miles that will be on the elliptical after New Years- EW way to spoil my fun thanks a lot 2012.

Geez... who am I Debbie Downer? On a happier note, I had myself such a merry little Christmas, I was extra special because it was our first married Christmas, so we felt everything was extra sentimental and it gave us lots of warm and fuzzies, which is nice. Also, because it's our first married Christmas we were broke, which usually is a huge downer BUT this year we didn't let it get to us, we just had fun shopping for the perfect within budget gifts for each other and got extra crafty! It was a beautiful thing! Hope you guys all had a the best Christmas and that Santa didn't fill your stockings with cole ;)