Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Well, hello friends! How's your 3 day weekend going? Mines fab! I'm not doing anything considerably blog worthy, no fancy travels or any of that adventure, BUT we did find a gem of a Mexican restaurant (our new fave!) The hubs actually declared yesterday that he could eat all his meals there... Pat's not one to give that declaration away freely. Also, we (my parents and I, while Pat's locked away in the guest room studying his pants off, while we (my mom and I) giggle and eat popcorn and drink wine) started a new show ( i know right?!?! settle down!) it's called Parenthood, and we're loving it. I mean it's still not Friday Night Lights, but it's a damn good rebound!

Also, what's making this holiday weekend extra exciting and has got us all twitchy is that Pat is taking the California Bar in 8 EIGHT days!!! Oh my, holy moly, it's sooooooo close, I'm having heart palpitations!! I cannot believe it's 8 days away!! It's emotional, obviously I am SO excited to have my husband back and to get to do things again, like see movies, and go on drives, and just have fun without having to think, "this is time you could be studying for the most important test of your life, why are we doing _______" (fill in the blank!) But, part of me is a little bit sad because this past month we've gotten to just be home together, no leaving for work or school, just us, me working from home and him studying, and Carlita napping (seriously ALL day!) It's been really nice (for me at least ;) I'm not the one studying) so a little tiny part of me wishes I could just freeze this moment we have together, because it will most likely be the last time we ever have something like it until.... retirement, then the other part of me is so excited for Pat to annihilate this test from hell and to move on with our lives! So it's been emotional, but I'm enjoying each part of this little journey for all it's unique little silver linings. So sorry for the mush :) But please send prayers and good juju his way, we'll take all we can get :)

Sunnies: UO // Shirt: Marshalls  // Jeans: H&M // Wedge: Target // Purse: Vintage from Aloha Sunday

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sunday Sunnies

Be still my heart lovers. THESE sunnies! Just. Stop. As painful as it is for me to say this... they could be yours! My aunt is selling these vintage beauties! I sooooo badly [seriously my heart is breaking writing this! (wish I was kidding!)] wish I could keep/buy them but sadly they're a little too swanky for my pocket book :( If you are interested leave me a comment below and I'll get you in touch with her! In the meantime, I will be babysitting them, drooling over them, petting them, coveting them and pretending they'll never leave me... Seriously, I am trying to not get attached, but it's way too late for that crap! It's already to the point of bad break up status! When they go I know I am going to end up alone, watching vampire diaries with a pint of ben and jerry's, online shopping for their rebound! Yes, I am being that pathetic, but if you got to wear these beautes for a day, you would understand! Hashtag// don't judge 

Sunnies: Leave comment // Top: Zara // Shorts: H&M // Shoes: H&M 

Friday, February 15, 2013

Bean Head

Is it just me or are the best outfits sometimes the ones that we have no intention of ever wearing together, the ones that end up spilling our closets guts all over the bedroom as we search for that perfect piece that just ties it all together (well, if you ask my husband that's every outfit!), the ones that cost 3 bucks at the thrift store, the ones that involve our friends shirt that she let you borrow light years ago, you know the ones I'm talking about, well this was one of those :) One thing this winter has taught me about myself is that I am a fan of hats... beanies, Indiana Jones, baseball, fedora, you name it, I'll wear it! If it means I can go one more day without washing my grimy a$$ hair, I'll take it! I need to start collecting my summer hats, because just like winter, it will be here before we know it! Seasons always sneak up on me! 

Well, hopefully this is one of my last outfit posts taken on my iPhone... I am trying to teach myself how to use my brother- in-laws camera he so generously lent us :) (Thanks Matty!) I am the most camera illiterate person apparently... you would think working with a photographer that I would have some clue by now, but... I don't! I think I need to stop pressing buttons, that would probably be a real good start for me! It's a Nikon D40, if anyone has any tips on settings, or basically any tips at all, please share! 

Shoes: Target // Skirt: Thrifted // Shirt: Friends // Jacket: Forever 21  // Beanie: Target // Sunnies: Burlington Coat Factory

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Out of this World

I am such a fan of leggings right now... especially nature, universe pattern leggings! I saw a pair that had a Lake Tahoe scene on them and oh my.... they must be added to my collection! Gimme!! I am not entirely 100% ready for warm weather yet... I know, I know, I am probably the only person in the universe that feels that way, it may also be because I live in San Diego, so "cold" weather here isn't exactly as brutal as other places, but I'm just not quiet ready to surrender my "cold" weather uniform of leggings and a bulky sweater! Once I find a way to make leggings work for a spring and summer wardrobe I'll join in on the wishing for warm weather wagon, but for right now I'm ok with a little brisk in my beehive ;) Actually, now that I think about it the day we took these photos it was sooooooo cold and I was screaming at the Hubs to get them over with because I was miserable, and maybe also because I was posing in front of a busy Target in Chula Vista and it felt so incredibly awkward... taking outfit pics may be one of the most uncomfortable things, but hey, some outfits are just too good not to document, right?!!? Oh, the sacrifices!!! ;)

You know what I wish I was doing today... seeing a movie at the theater! Bring on the buttery popcorn, bring on the sour candy, bring on the large diet coke! Oh mannnnn, come to mama!!  I haven't seen a movie in the theater for a few months now, since my movie date is studying for the bar... and I'm just not brave enough to go solo... but only 2 more weeks and I'll have my date back! Don't know if I can wait that long though... any movie suggestions?

Shoes: Target // Leggings: // Shirt: Target // Jacket: Forever 21  // Clutch: Aldo // Sunnies: Chanel

Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl Sunday

Please excuse my neon white skin. Somebody needs a tan... not naming names ;) Hope you all had a lovely Super Bowl Sunday, I honestly couldn't care less... to me super bowl means beer and fatty foods... some of my favorite things, but yesterdays super bowl meant cleaning the house and then you tubing the Beyonce bowl after reading all the hype on instagram and facebook I just couldn't help myself! Dayummmm Gina! 

Anyway, I felt the super bowl was a great excuse to play dress up in velvet and leopard... basically I will take any excuse I can dream up to dress up in velvet in leopard :) My vintage dress and zodiac boots are from this AHHH-MAZE-ING vintage store called Gold Seam Vintage if you are a fan of vintage treasures like yours truly then check her out!! Her blog is full of amazing eye candy and she finds the most amazing vintage gems! She has a shop in Reno, NV and also an ETSY STORE  where you can buy her fabulous finds! 

I follow her on Instagram @GoldSeamVintage and on Facebook so I don't miss out on any of her amazing finds, after all they're one of kind so they go fast! Gotta call dibs ladies! ;) Go check her out! 

Dress: Gold Seam Vintage  // Vest: old, from a friend // Boot Socks: Nordies // Boots: Vintage Zodiacs from Gold Seam Vintage  // Sunnies: Burlington Coat Factory

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pool Party

Is it just me or does January seem like the most boring yet most busy month ever?!? It just seems to be dragging it's little tush along! 'Git on now git! ' Anyway, I have been keeping myself busy, traveling around working on photo shoots while the Hubs studies his buns off so one day I can be a professional gold digger ;) Gosh, talk about a swanky set up! Below is just a little nibble of what my fabulous life looks like, lounging by the trailer park pool, yes people, classy right here, classy with a capital K.  "Klassy Kayla", yup! Really all that was missing was a martini, or mojito, I'd gladly take either ;) 


Lace Robe: Thrifted // Pants: Urban Outfitters // Shoes: Shirt: Alternative Apparel (old) // Sunnies: Vince Camuto