Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Everyday's February the 14th

I know that Valentines day has come and gone and I am totally beating a dead horse
The horse needs to be beaten!
And I am sorry to all the horse lovers I just offended.

I wanted to share some highlights with you Pretties :)
On Valentines Eve I went on a LOVELY coffee date with this Pretty!
We both had the pleasure of interning together at Couture events, 
she's pretty awesome! 
And my obsession with fur rubbed off on her which only makes me love her 1 trillion times more :)
Now, she's a part of the Swann Squad! 
I'm proud!! 
We went to one of my favorites... 
The Living Room. 
Me and Pat used to go on study dates there when we were first dating.
Now we just study on our couch...
Pat in his boxers... me in my jammies...no make-up...hair in a mangie top knot.
Yeah... we were so much classier at one point.
I like us better now :)

For the much hyped up, overrated Holiday which Hallmark pimps out
Valentines Day
(I'm only harsh because I believe if you're in a good relationship then everyday should be Valentines! Men and women should step up their games more than once a year is all I'm saying! Don't be deadbeat dates!)
Ok I need to settle down! 
Me and the Hubs went to Searsucker.

We had been itching to try this place for months now and finally did!
I loved the decor! I tried to not make a scene of myself and limit the pics I took, but let's face it I was that girl!
The food was delish.
But I HAVE to go back because they had a preset menu for Valentines and all the desserts I wanted to try had the night off :( 
I guess they all had dates?
So a round two is called for!

Since Pat is way to good to me he upgraded my wedding rings center stone for early Valentines.
You can visit that post here
SO there was NO way I could ever get him a gift worthy enough...
(he wanted a gun, but... that's a whole other rodeo)
So I made him this totally cheesy but totally awesome gift from Pinterest!
Thank God For Pinterest & Pat :)
And Pat... as if he hadn't already done enough gave me beautiful flowers and a sweet card.

Wow I am spoiled! 
I hope all of you had a lovely Valentines 
Lets all just keep spreading that love 
Make it rain X's and O's 

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Bell of the Ball

Hello Lovies!!! 
Are you loving the Oscars so far!?!?
I love the Red Carpet 
I don't know who my favorite is yet...I'll keep you posted! 

A few weekends ago the Hubs and I went to a Ball!
Every year his Law School has a Barristers Ball 
It's pretty much my favorite thing about Pat being in Law School! 
This Ball was our last so I wanted to go BIG.
I searched ALL over for the perfect dress and could not find anything under $400! 
Then I looked on rent the runway and fell in love with this gorgeous gold number but...
apparently so did everyone else and their mom because it wasn't available on the date I needed it.
So, not expecting to find anything, just curious I searched Etsy and found the most amazing dress ever!
It was from 1988 - also my birth year
(we both have been making bitches hate since 88') ;)
Anyway I got it from this shop: SLV Some Like It Vintage
The owner was so sweet and helpful and when the dress arrived it needed NO alterations!! 
That's when I knew we were made for each other!!! 
So below I will bombard you with the trillion photo's Pat's dear brother Matty took and my dear Mom!!! Bless their hearts!  
Check it! 

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tryna Catch Me Ridin Dirty

I have come to the conclusion that small towns need more crime.
Me and the Hubs drove to Tahoe this past weekend and on our way home got pulled over 
not once, not twice, but 
mutha-effin times! 
Oh... and did I mention that it was three times in ONE hour?!?!?!
Yes my friends... I WISH I was exaggerating! 

The first time was in Mono County 
we were pulled over for 
"The crime of the century!"
as the officer put it
One of our rear tail lights was out.
Ah Oh!
Cuff me!! 

Anyway the officer was the 2nd nicest out of all 3 that pulled us over 
He thought he was HALARIOUS for joking that we had pot stashed in Pat's sunglasses bag which he reffered to as a 
"Guatamalen Bag"
It's a Pendelton pattern.... I guess that could look Guatemalen to some :)
And then he did us a REAL favor and let us go with a fix it ticket
not for the tail light however 
but for having the car registered in Nevada 
What a Gem ;)

The second time was in Bishop County 
also for the tail light. 
He was the meanest to pull us over.
He pulled us over and we explained we were driving back to San Diego and would get it fixed as soon as we got back. 
Carlita looked high as a kite (she's obviously gotten into Pat's "Guatamalan" bag!) so he wanted to run our plates anyway
and came back with the lovely news that
Pat's license was suspended! 
For Heavens sake! 
What's a wife gotta do to get a Husband with a Class C around these parts!! 
I wasn't even mad... I was SHOCKED
Pat's license was literally JUST suspended 
He had just got it UNsuspended a month or so ago! 
SO... naturally we both thought he was safer than salsa on the street but apparently he's actually a...
convicted fellon?
AND.... on top of just UN suspending his license he also requested a driving record the week before we left of all his traffic violations sense he was 18 to give to his Law School so he can take the Bar!!! 
And that little ticky wasn't on there! 
It was hiding :)
It wanted to make its debut at just the right time
oh, and it did!  

So then, I... little old me with all my issues 

*my mind doesn't work past 10*
*I can't see the streets in the dark*
*I'm blind*
*Still drunk from yesterday*
*Fear of driving in unfamiliar places*

Had to drive us home 
7 more hours 
we got home at 3 a.m.
But not before getting pulled over ONE last time 
just for good measure! 

The third time was 10 min outside of Bishop 
He was the nicest of all 3 
Pulled us over because of that DAMN tail light!!! 
Then realized we were the same people he had been "radioded" about earlier....
At that moment it dawned on me...
he was WARNED about us! 
Us, sketchy folk with our druggy dog!
I showed him my left boob and he let us go ;)
Pat did ;)

So the 7 hours of me behind the wheel were probably some of the most dangerous hours of our ENTIRE lives 
I was fussy, tired, and blinder than a bat. 
But OBVIOUSLY that was much safer than Pat, (the prepared to drive convicted felon) driving...right?

The cherry on top was that I had a paper due the next day
I procrastinated the entire weekend and saved our 10 hour jaunt to read 7 weeks of assigned reading and bang out a paper! 
So Pat, being the sweet convicted Felon he was read to me while I drove 
even though it makes him carsick :)
He's definitely my favorite convicted felon. 

Photo credit: Cheezburger.com

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Bling Bling!!

Hello Lovies
Long time no blog!
Shame on me.

Last weekend was one of my favorite weekends of 2012
There were a number of reasons why
some of those reasons include:
Bling, Balls (no not those kinds ;), get your mind out of the gutter!) and Babes!

For the first time EVER Pat really surprised me!
It's not his fault he's had trouble surprising me in the past...
If I catch wind that there's a surprise in the works I won't stop until I get it out of him!!
I can't even control myself
nobody can! 
 I'm ruthless....
I snoop through bank statements, emails, texts
I'll harass it out of him with my brilliant antics...
"What if what you got me doesn't fit, and I have to fight the mall crowds and exchange it!"
"What if I wanted the other color..."
"What if I really wanted something else."
"If you just tell me we could potentially prevent future giftssues (gift issues)."
I know I'm bad
Trust me I've been told by family, friends, and Pat
and I try to stop because I really love a good surprise but I. CAN'T.STOP.

So, you can imagine my shock when Pat executed THIS surprise last Friday!
(Don't mind my tore up hands!)

It all started on Wednesday night
We decided to go to Nordstrom Rack to look for a tie to go with Pat's suit for the ball when Pat suggested we go and get my ring cleaned (the jewelry store he got my ring was right next to Nordies Rack) I of course thought that was a great idea, so we walked in to get it cleaned and that's when Pat suggested we leave it here and get it rerodiumed plated because he had heard me complaining about it a few weeks back. I didn't want to leave it there overnight because I felt so naked without it so I said "No, we can do that another time, lets just get it cleaned."
 We went back and forth
the jewelry store lady gave me this look like
"You're being such a Bia"
And... now I know why ;)
Finally, I said ok.
Two days passed and I thought NOTHING of it
Me and my friend even talked about upgrading diamonds before class one day and still...no suspicion crossed my mind!
Then Friday he came home tossed a ring box on the kitchen table, making it no big thing
I opened it up to dress my naked finger and VOILA!! 
UPGRADE!!!!!!! Holla!!!!!! 
I was so excited about the diamond, but I was SHOCKED that he actually surprised me!!
I could ALMOST say that was more exciting than the diamond...but who am trying to kid?!

On another note.... How adorable is Pat?
I wonder every day how I got so lucky!!
I am so blessed, he is so selfless and such a sweet giver
and poor him, I am such a natural taker!
This was a HUGE give but every day Pat does something sweet and selfless for me and I just keep wondering how I deserve him!
So. I like Pat. On a scale of 1-50
1 being a good husband and 50 being a DAMNNNNNNNN GOOD HUSBAND
He's for sure a 286!!! 

Friday, February 10, 2012


Last weekend was a very blessed one. 
It was full of friends, family and fun!
My 3 favorite F's!! 

On Friday night we went to our friend's Erica and Deven's home for dinner! 
They photographed our wedding and now they are sweet friends! 
Erica made some delish vegan fajitas 
and Carlita was even invited too! 
She only pooped in their house ONCE...we're such good guests ;)

Saturday was a day filled with drinking!
There's something so fun about day drinking! 
I think it's because you don't do it all the time...OR maybe you do and if that's the case you should probably get help :)
Day drinking just always makes me feel like I'm on vacation, but then around 3:30 I'm dead tired and the rest of my day is pretty much shot... unless you just keep drinking ;)
Pat was set on working on his motorskateboard and tried to talk me into going to Home Depot with him to grab parts (EW) He even said "You'll like it, Home Depots really cool, they even have a Martha Stewart section you'd love!"I had to take a pass, just sound like way too much masculinity in one day for me :)
So me and some of my gal friends threw back my favvvv PB cocktail 
Vodka + Redbull Slushies!! 
We giggled about all things under the sun and obnoxiously #hashtag/hashbrowned EVERYTHING! 

Ella and the ring she found in the bathroom, I thought it was an ice-cube she was trying to put down my shirt! 

That night I rallied and we went out to 3erd Corner Wine Bar in OB to celebrate my Brother-in-Love's Matty's 22nd Birthday!
 (you did turn 22 right Matty?!)
I don't know if it's the same with guys, but after my 21st Birthday I stopped having birthdays 
Now I just have anniversaries of my 21st Birthday 
Basically... I AM Forever 21.
So we got to see Pat's Mom Judy and her boyfriend Steve and Matty's darling girlfriend Brigitte.
It was a very nice celebration 
Happy Birthday Matty! 

On Sunday we went to Church
My dear friend Natalie met us and this time we snapped a few pics! 
After we grabbed lunch at Soupies :) 
Here's some pics of us outside Soupies enjoying the sunlight! 

Hope your weekend was Muy Bueno and cheers to the upcoming one! 

P.S. I'm like SICKLY excited about this weekend because I get to go to Pat's Barrister Ball (law school ball...you fancy huh?) Andddddd I have the most DEVINE dress I can't wait to show you pics!!! I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to pee in it tho (TMI?) because it has sequence ALL over like a mutha -effing disco ball and they get caught and then I can't move....soooooo, wish me luck! :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Secret Cookie Service

There are a lot of things us UCSD folk CAN'T do. For example... get Starbucks on campus, go to a football game (not that I would if we could), find a good-looking ANYBODY without the cursed Triton Eye ;)
Just kidding... I go there! 
Just Kidding again :) 
OK - I'll stop! 

There is one thing us UCSD folk CAN do 
That blows ALL other colleges out of the water
We, my friends... WE can ORDER cookies :) 
Like pizza! We call (or should I say text) they bring and voila -- COOKIE
Oh, and did I mention your cookie(s) is delivered by these hansom fellas?
Done and Done

If you are not already ordering 
Just Kidding! 
But... seriously... you should be because they're awesome! 
And totally sweet, AND if you're not already sold then watch this amazing video  and you will be shoving cookies down your throat SO fast people will be calling you the mutha-effing Cookie Monster! Crumbs in your couch and all that shiat!

Also they deliver during the day if you contact them in advance!
The Hubs had them deliver to his work in Old Town. 
Now that my friends is SERVICE... and a bad A$$ one at that...
can I get an Amen?

Now don't be hasty... Go "Like" their page on Facebook!