Monday, February 18, 2013

Holiday Weekend

Well, hello friends! How's your 3 day weekend going? Mines fab! I'm not doing anything considerably blog worthy, no fancy travels or any of that adventure, BUT we did find a gem of a Mexican restaurant (our new fave!) The hubs actually declared yesterday that he could eat all his meals there... Pat's not one to give that declaration away freely. Also, we (my parents and I, while Pat's locked away in the guest room studying his pants off, while we (my mom and I) giggle and eat popcorn and drink wine) started a new show ( i know right?!?! settle down!) it's called Parenthood, and we're loving it. I mean it's still not Friday Night Lights, but it's a damn good rebound!

Also, what's making this holiday weekend extra exciting and has got us all twitchy is that Pat is taking the California Bar in 8 EIGHT days!!! Oh my, holy moly, it's sooooooo close, I'm having heart palpitations!! I cannot believe it's 8 days away!! It's emotional, obviously I am SO excited to have my husband back and to get to do things again, like see movies, and go on drives, and just have fun without having to think, "this is time you could be studying for the most important test of your life, why are we doing _______" (fill in the blank!) But, part of me is a little bit sad because this past month we've gotten to just be home together, no leaving for work or school, just us, me working from home and him studying, and Carlita napping (seriously ALL day!) It's been really nice (for me at least ;) I'm not the one studying) so a little tiny part of me wishes I could just freeze this moment we have together, because it will most likely be the last time we ever have something like it until.... retirement, then the other part of me is so excited for Pat to annihilate this test from hell and to move on with our lives! So it's been emotional, but I'm enjoying each part of this little journey for all it's unique little silver linings. So sorry for the mush :) But please send prayers and good juju his way, we'll take all we can get :)

Sunnies: UO // Shirt: Marshalls  // Jeans: H&M // Wedge: Target // Purse: Vintage from Aloha Sunday


  1. SO CUTE! I just saw those sandals at Target yesterday and should have bought them!! Maybe next time:)


  2. Lovely way to rock denim on denim :)