Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Happy Hump Day!! 
Boy of BOY do I have some EXCITING news for you!! 
An announcement of sorts. 
myhusbandsgf will now be featuring some adorable married couples!
I will be interviewing them and they will be sharing their wisdom, wrongs and whoopie (sex) !!!! 
yes, whoopie!
 (at least the risque ones will be sharing!) 
These short and sweet interviews will make you laugh, bring a tear to your eye, and make you wanna curl up with your lover and a latte and watch The Notebook until Ryan Gosling starts looking ugly!!! (yes, you WILL be watching the notebook the rest of your life!)
It seemed appropriate to prod these fellow married folks for their knowledge and tricks of the trade because after all... it is me and the Hubs FIRST year of being married (well almost year, in June!!) 
and as much as we think we've got it down, experts and all that jazz, I suppose some wisdom never hurt a newlywed! 
So... with that being said, our first couple will be my parents!!
Mr. and Mrs. Larry Hull 
They've been married 40 years!! 
And damn do they look good!!!
Their interview will debut next week! 
Stay tuned! 

and P.S. if you want to be interviewed I would LOVE that! Shoot me an email: 
(ew, I know, I'm still at hotmail?!? What am I? In seventh grade still?!? Girls gotta graduate to gmail!! Just put aside your judgement and shoot me an E :)) 

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