Monday, April 2, 2012

Do The Pony.

Hello Lovies! 
Happy Monday! 
This is a very intimidating Monday for me. 
It is my last day of spring break, and when I go back to school tomorrow it will be my last first day of the quarter at UCSD!! Once I finish this quarter (10 weeks) I am done...DONE for life! I can't even imagine what to do with myself, all I know is school, I've been going to school since I was 4!! That's 19 loooooonggg a$$ years!! DAMN! I don't know how to NOT be a student! 
So, I am excited but scared to death all at the same time... actually after typing that I feel a little nauseous. 

last Wednesday me and the hubs went on  a drive, with our furbaby to check the scene. 
We nabbed a couple of pics and enjoyed the sun. It was nothing too exciting but it sure was a beautiful thing to have a few hours off together to do whatever we pleased! 
later on in the week (if I can keep my panties on that long ;) ) there will be some read - worthy blog posts 
some include 
1. recipes 
2. neat pictures 
3. my quarter life crisis! 
I have a lot to share!! Until then... let these little iPhone gems tickle your fancy :) 


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