Monday, January 7, 2013

2013 So Far

Looooong time no talk! I know, I know! I can't even begin to explain where the hell I've been, because seriously... I have no excuse! So can I just pull the crappy boyfriend move and say "lets just act like this never happened ?!?!" "Can I puhhhhleaseee have another chance?!?!" You guys, I know I'm pathetic, give me a break!

 Anyway,  how's everyone first week of 2013 been? I hope yours has been more eventful than mine... not that I'm complaining, because I never do that ;) This has been my first week as the wife of a really strapping young man studying his tush off for the Bar! No ladies, not the bar we hit up for free vodka waters and the occasional 25 cent wings (don't even act like you don't do that!), but the BAR, the test you take to become a liar, whoopsy, did I say liar? I meant lawyer ;) So, it's kinda a big deal... which basically means, its my time to's my time to play the role of the Emmy nominee best supporting wife that we all know I can be! Now, now, don't be jealous... the roll really is much less extravagant than I'm sure you're envisioning... it's basically just laundry this, laundry that, wash a dish, pat on the back and so on and so forth! So far, I am off to a rocky start, but, hey, I got time! For those of you that know me, you may also know that I am not the most selfless and sweet person... that is actually Pat, so this whole stepford wife roll just doesn't come so easy for me! So, after a week of recovering from the holidays and doing basically nothing, then feeling guilty about doing nothing, then doing it again the next day, I've decided to make this next week different... not too much different though, let be real here! I'm trying to fill my time with girl dates and working out... and by working out I mean leaving the elliptical in the kitchen and then every time I eat spoonfuls of cookie butter I can stare at it and feel guilty... it's really healthy, you guys should try it! ;) 

Well... that is quite enough about me. If nothing else, I hope this post is like an episode of Teen Mom for you  :) You can read it and feel better about your lives after! Hey, You're welcome! 

 Is it just me or does anyone else never use their watch for the time... I'm 99% sure its not even set correctly! 

Sweater: thrifted //Scarf: Target(sold out online I here)// Shirt: Pats // Wedge Bootie: Forever21



  1. Girl, I hear you. Life as a Stepford Wife (kind of) is definitely a transition, especially if you are used to being a super awesome go-getter! If anyone had told me I would be a super-de-duper supportive Army wife I would have called them crazy (except for the supportive part). Keep on trucking!

    Emma White

  2. I too am going through a similar transition. I have learned to cook, bake, garden, scrapbook and blog! My new hobby: OOTD on Instagram. So fun!