Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wisdom, Wrongs and Whoopie With The Zards!!!

Hello Lovies!! 
Yesssss, it is that time again!! 
Time for your weekly dose of Wisdom, Wrongs and {every body's favorite ;) } Whoopie!! 

The couple we have this week are such dolls!! 
I actually think they may be mine and Pat's San Diego couple soul mates! 
And trust me people - I DON'T just give that title to anybody! 
They're those people that you just instantly feel at home with, so loving, and kind and when we share a laugh {which is the majority of the time!} it makes my heart smile! 
When we hang out with these two lovebirds we always have the best of times, we're so at ease with them it feels like we've been best friends for yearsssss! 
And boy do I love that! 

Gracie and I have actually known each other for years! We went to high school together and her husband Brian is from our neck of the woods too! But I just met him a few months ago!! 
Me and Gracie had not seen each other since high school!! I had wanted to meet up with her ever since I found out she was in San Diego but then things would get busy, all of the sudden, weeks, months, YEARS had past and then all the sudden one day I told myself "message Gracie TODAY!!!" So I did and, I am so glad I did because we were reunited and it felt SO good! 
{yes, like the song!} 
And when I met Brian...I realized there could be no one ever more perfect for Gracie. They are one of those awesome couples that just make your heart dance because their love for each other is so authentic and selfless! So pretty much, I love them, I love hanging with them and Brian and Pat get along so well together it's totally cute! 
And, I'm sooooo excited for them because they are expecting a little girl this July!!! 
She will be gorgeous because she's getting like the best DNA in the world and I am hoping she will rid me of my baby fever!! But who am I kidding.... she ain't gonna break that fever! let's get real now!

So please... meet the Happy Couple 
Mr. and Mrs. Brian Zard!!!!! 
I know!! Chills right!?! They are STUNNING!!

1. How long have you been married?

B & G: 2 years

2. What made you realize you could spend the rest of your life with one another?

B & G: When we started dating, we each thought to ourselves that we wanted it to last. It wasn't until one night, about 2 months after we started dating, we had our first true 'deep talk' and shed our first tears together. That night, we each slept restlessly as we each felt so close to each other yet perhaps a little insecure of the others thoughts on the vulnerable evening. The next day was the first day we said "I love you", each realizing in our hearts there was no turning back, or any desire to. 

3. What was the best piece of advise you received during your first year married?

B & G: Don't keep secrets because you're on the same team.

4. What is your favorite thing about being married and why? 

B & G: The level of intimacy that we share for one another, that even though we feel like we each know the other so deeply, we want to know more about each other.

5. What is your fondest memory throughout your married years?

B & G:  #1: The morning we found out we were pregnant. #2: The morning we felt perhaps we might be pregnant while in Vegas for our anniversary. 

6. What is the biggest struggle you overcame in your marriage?

 B & G: Moving away from our individual families while transitioning into our own family. 

7. At the end of a rough relationship day, what is the most important thing to remind yourself? 

B & G: We remind ourselves and each other that we're on the same team, and have confidence that other's love goes beyond any situation. As Brian's dad taught us, there are 2 rules to live by: 1) Don't sweat the small stuff. 2) It's all small stuff.

8. What advice would you give to others who are trying to make their love last forever?

B & G:  Selflessness. Always remember to make the other person a priority. 

9. Where is the most risque place you made whoopie? 

B & G: We'd tell you but neither of us can remember.

How precious are they?!?! 

Thank you so much Brian and Gracie for sharing!! 
You guys are absolutely adorable and congrats on Baby Zard!!
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And if you and your spouse are dying to be interviewed, Let me know!!!!


  1. We had so much fun doing the interview Kayla! You and Pat are just adorable!!! Love you :)

    1. I'm so glad!!! Thank you guys so much!! Love you both! XOXO

  2. I always love reading these. Thank you Gracie and Brian for sharing!

    1. Thank you both for sharing, you guys are so good to me!! XOXO