Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Not All Who Wander Are Lost...?

How in the world does my house make such a mess! 
It's like I clean it then all of the sudden out of no where BAM it looks like a hurricane whipped through there! Floor- flooded with laundry, Kitchen- wait... where did it go? Just NASTY and MEAN

You know how clean and organized people say
 "everything has a home, and when everything is in it's home then things are put away and neat." 

Well here's my problem:
A lot of my things are homeless! 

They are nomads you see... here's where I get to use my other favorite quote 
"Not all who wander are lost." 
Oh really....? Because my shit is more lost than the people on the island! 
They wander all over the mutha-effin place! One day my shoes are on the kitchen table, the next buried under a pile of laundry suffocating, Carlita's leash... one day snuggling with the Raisin Bran the next... in the powder room and ohhhh the pepper... well, we still don't know where he wandered off to! Greaaattttt. 
My home is too petite to put a roof over all my things heads... so how do you EVER keep things "tidy" when there's no where for them to live! 
My things are just all posted up all over the counters and floors begging for a nickel to buy beer or "rescue their family from a bunch of ninjas..."
Have you guys seen that one... ?
Am I crazy...?
No. I'm not! 
Look down fool!! 

oh and then there's this little gem!
who doesn't love a crafty bum?!?!

Stop it!!! 

Bet I can ;) 

Yes... so how did my post about Palm Springs turn into this..? We'll never know. But... it is VERY  clear to me right now that I am my fathers daughter because he is OBSESSED with the homeless. We think maybe he was homeless in a past life, of that's his life goal because literally every single place we go he scopes out how the living situation would be for a homeless person there. 
I am not kidding! 
He's so cute, now he's all excited because he want to get a bus and transport the homeless from Reno to San Diego in the winter months!! Yes, he is weird I know, but we love him!  What a giver! 
But now I know that this is why I am looking at the homeless signs on 4:00 on a Wednesday... 

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