Monday, April 30, 2012

My Plan Vs. The Days Plan

Hello Lovies!! 
Happy Monday....if Monday can ever be happy...?
I have the best case Monday scenario 
{At home. on couch. no where to go!!!} 
But still... it is Monday and Monday - I hate to break it to ya, butttt you are notorious for just sucking! 

Did ya'll have a fabulous weekend?!?!
I don't know where in the world "ya'll" just came from but I'm digging it! 
Maybe all the stagecoach instagrams and such are rubbing off on me! 

Yesterday was such a failure of a day...
I had plans, i am talking BIG plans to get  sh*t done! 
And I mean... I had A LOT to do but somehow...none of it got done! The day had other plans for me! And, when the day has other plans for you... you just don't argue! I'm not going to lie I liked the day's plans for me WAYYYYY better than I liked my plans for me so thank you day for pissing all over my plans {why am I using the word pissing so much lately?!!? Not ok.. but I just can't stop!}
So here is my plans VS. the days plan 

my plan: wake up at 8 do some light reading {19 novels!!!} about Hitler for my History class 
days plan: sleep in till 11:27 

my plan: IMMERSE myself in readings about whether or not Hitler's balls dropped...????!!! what kind of class is this?!!?!?
days plan: watch 4 episodes of Lost in jammies 

my plan: write 4 blog posts about technology for a class blog 
days plan: get a mani pedi with a dear friend :)

my plan: go to church 
days plan: get into jammies at 5 and watch Lost on the coach with Pat and Carlita till 10!!!! 

my plan: study before bed
days plan: spend the rest of the night drooling over fashion blogs eating a peanut butter brownie! 

some things just aren't suppose to happen I guess... and frankly if it's gonna happen like that I'm not going to complain! I mean... I'll feel extremely guilty for "wasting" so much time, but I'd be damned fool to complain about my day yesterday! It was pretty epic! 

SO I hope your yesterday was more productive....or...maybe I don't :)

On another note... here are some photos Pat took, I edited and I have more coming so STAY TUNED!! 

My face cracks me up here - I was so scared when the train went by!!
And P.S. how fabulous is my cheetah vest!?!?! It was from my mom's awesome and so fashionable friend!! Thank you Judyanne!! XOXO


  1. Love your cheetah vest! ahhahaha my days usually never work out either! I make a schedule the night before and end up saying "bah let's do this tomorrow!"

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know in my blog!

    1. hahahha right?!? Thank you darling!!

      Yes! Love your blog!! Done and done! I am following your blog and your lookbook :)

  2. i can't help it. you're the most beautiful wife i have ever seen.

    1. Awe, you are too sweet!! What a HUGE compliment!! Thanks so much love!! XOXO

  3. I absolutely love your outfit. Great photos! :)