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Wisdom, Wrongs, and Whoopie WIth The Hull's!!!

Yes, folks....
It IS that time!! 
The time of 
Wisdom, Wrongs and {everybodies favorite} Whoopie!! 
Today is a good, good day! 

This weeks couple is so very near and dear to my heart! 
The husband was my VERY first friend, and my VERY first enemy ;) 
he's my brother! 
And his much prettier half...well, she was my nanny! 
And now my sister! 
{sounds wayyyyy more scandalous than it really was... she was his girlfriend before my nanny but, I like to make my brother sound like a perve :) I mean what sister doesn't?!?}

The two dolls were high school sweethearts. Young lovers at their finest... and they still are today after over a decade of marriage and two little kiddies!
I love them both to the moon and back! 
My brother knows how to push my buttons like no one else but he can also make me laugh till tears so I guess I like him ;) And Julie is as sweet as tupelo honey, she has one of the sweetest soul of ANYONE I know with the perfect hint of sassy! I mean... they just don't make em' better than that! We're all still trying to figure out how Wes got so lucky...

What I love about this interview is they filled it out separately and haven't seen each others answers!!! They've been waiting in suspense for a whole week and now I finally get to share it with them! What makes it EVEN better is I'm with them both right now!! SO I get to hear their laughs and see their smiles!! YAY! 

SO without further ado I give you some of my very favorites 
Wes and Julie Hull 
{This picture really captures their fun love!} 
and a little something else....
YUP! that's me as the flower girl!! Just wish I still had those awesome kitten heals... barf! 
 and a little note from Julie about these priceless photos...

"Our Wedding pictures are hilarious to us.  The day of our wedding the lady that did my pre-wedding hair trial didn't show up the day of the wedding to do my hair!  So, I didn't get what I wanted at all, neither did my bridesmaids.
Wes has never let anyone else do his hair since the wedding!  They messed it up sooo bad. So basically we hate our wedding photos.  Maybe one year we can dress up and do it again :-)"

1. How long have you been married?

Julie: We have been together for eleven in a half years and together almost sixteen!!!

Wes: We have been married 11 years 5 months and 21 days.

2. What made you realize you could spend the rest of your life with one another?

Julie:  What made me realize I could spend the rest of my life with Wes is the way we get each other and we don't force one another to change into something we are not.

Wes: There is no one time I just always knew. Some things in life are very obvious.

3. What is the best piece of advice you received during your first year of marriage?

Julie: The best piece of advise I received during our first year of marriage is never go to bed angry at each other.  We have broken that rule a few times in these eleven years, but we have done pretty well with it.

Wes:  Always file your taxes on time, and don't spend more than half your monthly income on your house payment. Most importantly "credit cards are the devil".

4. What is your favorite thing about being married and why?

Julie: My favorite thing about being married is going through this journey together and being so comfortable together ( In a good way, we are like an old married couple).  I love it!!

Wes: The longer we are married the more the things change. It was once just being together, then it was making plans together, then it was starting a family, then it was raising a family, and now my favorite thing is seeing all of those things grow and come together just like our marriage.

5. What is your fondest memory throughout your married years?

Julie: Being together since we were in High School you go through a lot of changes together.  I can't pin point one fondest moment, but since I have to definitely my wedding day and the day Megan and Wayne were born.

Wes: There are so many great memories that I can't even start to pinpoint one. My favorite times are when we are all enjoying the same activity, weather it's golfing or just hangin around the house.

6. What is the biggest struggle you overcame in your marriage? 

Julie:  Probably the biggest struggle we overcame in our Relationship not Marriage is for sure our younger years.  Figuring each others buttons and which ones NOT to push.  Our married life so far so good :-)

Wes: For me it was learning that Julie had a whole other life and family away from ours. Just kidding

7. At the end of a rough relationship day, what is the most important thing to remind yourself?

Julie: At the end of a rough relationship day the most important thing to remind yourself is not to hold GRUDGES and FORGIVE!!  (Wes, Kayla, & Shirlee).  Sorry to throw names out their but it kind of runs in the family... Lol

Wes: I just have to look around for a second and see what all we have made together, and I realize what I've got.

8. What advice would you give to others that are trying to make their love last forever?

Julie: My advise to others trying to make their love last forever is to always tell the truth no matter what!

Wes: Always tell the truth, and listen to your spouse.

9. Where is the most risque place you made whoopie?

Julie: Hhhhmmmm, whoppie ;-)
     In our younger years, at a golf course, thats all I am going to say

Wes:  I don't understand the question. I guess Whoopies most risque movie would be the one were she dressed up like a nun...sister act I think it was. ....Please don't use any of this against me when I run for president in 2016

and here are these two lovebirds now with their adorable babes!! 

Awe.... they make my heart smile! 
Love you Wes and Julie!! 
Thanks so much for participating!! 
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