Monday, April 23, 2012


Happy Monday Lovies!!
I have an Un-Godly amount of crap to do this week. 
Don't you hate that... those weeks that are just wayyyy to much work and much too little fun?!
SO not fair! 
But at least I only have 7 more weeks till I am done with school and at least done with school crap ;)
That's my pot' o' gold at the end of the rainbow I keep chasing! 

On a brighter note. 
A much, MUCH brighter note! 
Have you seen these photos?!?
If we're friends on facebook you probably have because I have been pimping them out all over the place because I am mildly obsessed with them! 
That's a lie!!
It's a full blown obsession!
And if you have not seen them, that probably means we're not friends on Facey and that should change!
SO add me here
send me your info and I'll add you! 

A few weeks ago my dear friend Erica of Acres Of Hope Photography
{who also shot our wedding
asked us to be her "models" for a mentor shoot with this darling photographer Courtney of Day Photography & Co. Of course we said yes! Because who in the hell turns down an opportunity to be called a "model"?!?!? AND who in the hell turns down incredible photos from Erica? 
Crazy folk, that's who! And Pat and I... well we're a lot of things but we aren't crazy! 

We had so much fun, laying in the grass, frolicking like hippies! 
At least that is the way I would like to remember it... I forgot to wear my hiking boots that day and well, I'm naturally one of the most clumsy people I know so the combination of heals and a rocky terrain well, I'll leave it to your imagination :)
But really we had so much fun!
I love pretending to be a model and Pat's blue steel is really coming along so together we make a lot of awkward and a few amazing faces! 
It's pretty neat :)

I love the photos we got! Erica did such an amazing job, but really that is NO surprise! 
She has such a God given talent for photography it never ceases to amaze me! 
I love getting to do shoots with her because she's such an easy person to be around, getting your photos taken especially for a HUGE occasion like your wedding can be so stressful but she makes it so effortless and fun and then when you see your photos you have to pick your jaw up off the ground because you're shocked at how good she somehow made you look! And not just you but the photo as a whole is just glowing with gorgeousness! The lighting is so heavenly and your skin looks like an angel pissed on it, the trees they are singing, the ground dancing, the way she frames it and the angles... OH MY!! Just amazing! 
Since our wedding I've gotten to know Erica better, not only as a photographer but as a friend and she has a heart of gold! She's so sweet, so kind and so at peace with her life it's truly inspiring! I feel very blessed to know her as a friend and completely spoiled to know her as a photographer!

I tried to slim down the amount of photos and only share my favorites but nearly all of them were my favorite so there is still quite a few, but if you want to see all of them you can here!

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