Saturday, May 5, 2012

PS. I Miss You

Happy Weekend Lovers!! 
Hallelujah for the weekend... even though mine consists of studying for midterms....:(
Today, I am dreaming of and missing last week/end! 
I was in the gorgeous Palm Spring with my dear family and I miss them!! 
Why can't we just all live closer?!?!?!

Anyway it was a wonderful family reunion of sorts!
It started on Tuesday at 5:00
that's when I got out of class! 
I got a wild hair and decided to drive up to Palm Springs just me and Carlita 
{Pat had work and school booo :(} 
and SURPRISE my family!!! 
And, I am so glad I went for it! 

I text my sister-in-love Julie on the way up there just so she could keep me posted on their whereabouts and keep the old farts awake...but somebody just couldn't keep a secret!
not to name names ;) 

She told my brother Wes 
"I know a secret about Kayla"
and of course he said 
and she said 
"NOooooo!... she's gonna be here in like 15 minutes and she needs a way to get into the gate!" 
and so he went out to get more "chasers" and worked over the gate keeper 
{flashed her his right boob ;)!!}
 to let me in! 
Thanks Wes.... 

SO then I got there and let Wes walk in with Carlita and say "look what I found at the door?!?" 
Then everybody got real giddy and smothered me with sloppy kisses and bear hugs! I loved it! 

I had so much fun... it is hard to beat the dessert this time of year! The weather was so grand! 
Also... I got spoiled rotten with a shopping spree and fine company so that was lovely too!

Can we all just go back?!?!
Round two, ya?!?!

Here are some "Palmstagrams" from the trip!

Blondes Only Lunch on El Paseo

mojito me!
Cooking everyone a vegan dinner!

My mom's new Puppy Ina

I got to watch them read their Married Interview!
Is there anything more precious?!?
My brother Wes and his dream car the Dalorian

Me and My beautiful aunt Carol
My grandparents crappy place ;)

Me and my little BFF
At Stone Brewery!

Happy Weekend Dolls!!


  1. Cool pics! love the dogs!


    1. Thank you!! Aren't they the cutest!?!