Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Everyday's February the 14th

I know that Valentines day has come and gone and I am totally beating a dead horse
The horse needs to be beaten!
And I am sorry to all the horse lovers I just offended.

I wanted to share some highlights with you Pretties :)
On Valentines Eve I went on a LOVELY coffee date with this Pretty!
We both had the pleasure of interning together at Couture events, 
she's pretty awesome! 
And my obsession with fur rubbed off on her which only makes me love her 1 trillion times more :)
Now, she's a part of the Swann Squad! 
I'm proud!! 
We went to one of my favorites... 
The Living Room. 
Me and Pat used to go on study dates there when we were first dating.
Now we just study on our couch...
Pat in his boxers... me in my jammies...no make-up...hair in a mangie top knot.
Yeah... we were so much classier at one point.
I like us better now :)

For the much hyped up, overrated Holiday which Hallmark pimps out
Valentines Day
(I'm only harsh because I believe if you're in a good relationship then everyday should be Valentines! Men and women should step up their games more than once a year is all I'm saying! Don't be deadbeat dates!)
Ok I need to settle down! 
Me and the Hubs went to Searsucker.

We had been itching to try this place for months now and finally did!
I loved the decor! I tried to not make a scene of myself and limit the pics I took, but let's face it I was that girl!
The food was delish.
But I HAVE to go back because they had a preset menu for Valentines and all the desserts I wanted to try had the night off :( 
I guess they all had dates?
So a round two is called for!

Since Pat is way to good to me he upgraded my wedding rings center stone for early Valentines.
You can visit that post here
SO there was NO way I could ever get him a gift worthy enough...
(he wanted a gun, but... that's a whole other rodeo)
So I made him this totally cheesy but totally awesome gift from Pinterest!
Thank God For Pinterest & Pat :)
And Pat... as if he hadn't already done enough gave me beautiful flowers and a sweet card.

Wow I am spoiled! 
I hope all of you had a lovely Valentines 
Lets all just keep spreading that love 
Make it rain X's and O's 

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