Thursday, March 1, 2012

Toot it and Boot it

Well, well, well
Another day another dolla
right friends?
I LOVE thursdays.
1. because I get to sleep in
2. because it's the first day of my four day weekends :)
don't hate! 

So... question of the day here...
Can dogs experience shame?
All my Cesar Millans out there, please enlighten me!

Carlita, my furbaby has this stuffed animal we've named her "Piggy"
Lately I've been wishing she was a he (you will soon understand why)
but, it just feels wrong to call "Piggy" he so she's a she; which I guess makes Carlita a lesbian :) 

ever sense Carlita got Piggy they developed what we would like to call a "physical" relationship.
Use your imagination folks I don't want to spell it out for you.
ok. I do ;)
H.U.M.P.S... vigorously  

I never knew girl dogs had these types of needs, I always assumed it was the pervy boy dog's idea.
Same as real life... right? ;)
Surely enough, I was proven wrong.
Carlita is a promiscuous little hussy!
Naturally, I thought once we get her spayed this "use" of Piggy would stop...
I was wrong.
So, I did what any good mother would do and forbid Carlita of seeing the pork sword (or I guess it would be pork taco? (sorry TMI) ;)
Classic Romeo and Juliet... Carlita only wanted Piggy more.
Ohhhhh Piggy! You forbidden fruit you!
Carlita knows where we keep Piggy and often scratches at the door, lingers near the door, tries to claw the door open.
So... I gave in, I opened Pandora's box and Carlita and Piggy were reunited.
At best, Carlita is a rough lover... at worst, she's a wife beater.
First, she throws piggy around, rips out her stuffing... then uses and abuses her, people!
Toot it and Boot it at it's finest!

But here, is where we reach the shame.'s about time!
When Carlita and Piggy are in the "act" I can't help but look!
It's like a car accident, it feels wrong looking, but I just can't look away!
Eventually, (sometimes that eventually can be uncomfortably too long);
Carlita notices she has an "audience"
sometimes her eyes get big like she got caught in the act... other times she just keeps going at it!
This morning when it happened she stopped and layed down next to Piggy avoiding eye contact with me. Is she ashamed of herself? If you ask me she should be!
Little harlot gettin' all up on Piggys sh*t!
So please enlighten me. Is shame experienced by dogs too?

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