Friday, March 2, 2012

The Hull Cabin

I know it's hard to imagine sitting by the fire with a cup of warm cocoa on such a sunny warm day
can you please try?
For me?
Pretty please, with a cherry on top?!
Thank you!
 Ok, now go ahead, curl up by the fire (your towel on the beach) with your cup of warm cocoa (Starbucks Venti iced Carmel latte with soy milk and extra Carmel ;) )
and enjoy!
Below I will visually abuse you with 30,000 photos from our Tahoe trip a few weeks ago. 
We gathered up some of our nearest and dearest family and friends and spent presidents weekend in Tahoe at the Hull cabin! 
So much fun to be had! 
We built igloos... well, I didn't but the boys did! 
We had breakfast every morning at the Old Tahoe Cafe, Where I gained 40 pounds and we were reunited with our favorite German! We don't know her name but she's the only server at the Old Tahoe Cafe and one time Pat saw her at the Costco in Reno just days before our wedding and so she holds a very special, very unique place in our hearts! 

Because there are so many pictures, scrolling through this post may take up the greater part of your day... or...weekend ;) I will get to the goods! 

The start of a long A$$ roadtrip!

The Hull Cabin

The boy's getting our car unstuck from the snow! Love Pat's face!
Digging out the igloo!
igloo sound system!
inside the igloo!

The End!!
Hope all you pretties have a lovely weekend!

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