Friday, February 10, 2012


Last weekend was a very blessed one. 
It was full of friends, family and fun!
My 3 favorite F's!! 

On Friday night we went to our friend's Erica and Deven's home for dinner! 
They photographed our wedding and now they are sweet friends! 
Erica made some delish vegan fajitas 
and Carlita was even invited too! 
She only pooped in their house ONCE...we're such good guests ;)

Saturday was a day filled with drinking!
There's something so fun about day drinking! 
I think it's because you don't do it all the time...OR maybe you do and if that's the case you should probably get help :)
Day drinking just always makes me feel like I'm on vacation, but then around 3:30 I'm dead tired and the rest of my day is pretty much shot... unless you just keep drinking ;)
Pat was set on working on his motorskateboard and tried to talk me into going to Home Depot with him to grab parts (EW) He even said "You'll like it, Home Depots really cool, they even have a Martha Stewart section you'd love!"I had to take a pass, just sound like way too much masculinity in one day for me :)
So me and some of my gal friends threw back my favvvv PB cocktail 
Vodka + Redbull Slushies!! 
We giggled about all things under the sun and obnoxiously #hashtag/hashbrowned EVERYTHING! 

Ella and the ring she found in the bathroom, I thought it was an ice-cube she was trying to put down my shirt! 

That night I rallied and we went out to 3erd Corner Wine Bar in OB to celebrate my Brother-in-Love's Matty's 22nd Birthday!
 (you did turn 22 right Matty?!)
I don't know if it's the same with guys, but after my 21st Birthday I stopped having birthdays 
Now I just have anniversaries of my 21st Birthday 
Basically... I AM Forever 21.
So we got to see Pat's Mom Judy and her boyfriend Steve and Matty's darling girlfriend Brigitte.
It was a very nice celebration 
Happy Birthday Matty! 

On Sunday we went to Church
My dear friend Natalie met us and this time we snapped a few pics! 
After we grabbed lunch at Soupies :) 
Here's some pics of us outside Soupies enjoying the sunlight! 

Hope your weekend was Muy Bueno and cheers to the upcoming one! 

P.S. I'm like SICKLY excited about this weekend because I get to go to Pat's Barrister Ball (law school fancy huh?) Andddddd I have the most DEVINE dress I can't wait to show you pics!!! I'm still trying to figure out how I am going to pee in it tho (TMI?) because it has sequence ALL over like a mutha -effing disco ball and they get caught and then I can't move....soooooo, wish me luck! :)


  1. This is such a beautiful post, looks like you had a tone of fun. You all are so beautiful.

    You have a really cool blog here. Do you want to follow each other, I would love that.

  2. Thanks you Tereza!! I would love to follow each other! Done and done! XOXO