Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Secret Cookie Service

There are a lot of things us UCSD folk CAN'T do. For example... get Starbucks on campus, go to a football game (not that I would if we could), find a good-looking ANYBODY without the cursed Triton Eye ;)
Just kidding... I go there! 
Just Kidding again :) 
OK - I'll stop! 

There is one thing us UCSD folk CAN do 
That blows ALL other colleges out of the water
We, my friends... WE can ORDER cookies :) 
Like pizza! We call (or should I say text) they bring and voila -- COOKIE
Oh, and did I mention your cookie(s) is delivered by these hansom fellas?
Done and Done

If you are not already ordering 
Just Kidding! 
But... seriously... you should be because they're awesome! 
And totally sweet, AND if you're not already sold then watch this amazing video  and you will be shoving cookies down your throat SO fast people will be calling you the mutha-effing Cookie Monster! Crumbs in your couch and all that shiat!

Also they deliver during the day if you contact them in advance!
The Hubs had them deliver to his work in Old Town. 
Now that my friends is SERVICE... and a bad A$$ one at that...
can I get an Amen?

Now don't be hasty... Go "Like" their page on Facebook!

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