Thursday, January 19, 2012

My Husband is a Stranger.

So I thought I knew EVERYTHING about the hubs (Jean size, bacon obsession, first job at Wendy's, passwords, the list could grow, but none of us have all day) until one Sunday when I was proved very wrong! Here's how the story unfolds...

It is Sunday morning about 8:15, I just drove back from San Juan Capistrano for the girls weekend and was going to pick up Pat and be at church at 9:00. I call the boy when I am about 2 min from home and say "I really want a breakfast burrito, what do you want? I will grab them for us." He responds with "I would rather have a bagel" and I am thinking  -- A bagel over a burrito? I mean, I know you're a Jew but c'mon! -- ( that was my first realization that I didn't know my husband as well as I thought) Being the selfless wife I am I rolled with it...

I said:"Ok, I guess I can do a bagel, what do you want I am here I can run in and get it."
Pat says: " I want a jalepeno chedder ----(pause)--- I'll just call mine in."
I'm Thinking: you'll just CALL IT IN! ohhh too good for my ordering skills... your bagels to complex, its better than me!!?!
I say: " Call it in?! I'll just come pick you up and we can go together and get our bagels ok?!"

So I head home, get the dude and while we're driving over to the daily bagel Pats says " Yeah, I go to the Daily Bagel before work sometimes, every now and then."(clearly easing me into the shock he knew I would soon experience!) I respond with "You do?!?!, you never told me that" I was surprised I thought I knew everything about this man! Pat says "Ya huh, I've told you!" Me "No no, no you haven't but it's fine."

Then we arrive at the Daily Bagel and THIS folks -- THIS is where it gets good!

We walk in there's two people in line some adorable Asian ladies behind the counter. Darling Asian ladies eyes grow wide and excited as she shouts toward the door "OH HIIII PATRICK!" I look at Pat so confused --- she knows his name? She seems so excited to see him.... weird---. Pat can barely get out a "Hiii" before she skips over the next two people in line and says "YOU WANT YOUR USUAL? YO BLENDED?" as she nods and smiles and grabs the espresso maker thingamajig and gets to work before he even has time to say "yaaa" I'm thinking ---HIS USUAL?!?!?! how often is he here!!!  And, this "habit" well, it's more than just a bagel clearly! And, if you know my husband he can't get anything normal off the menu... things must be added, adorned, deep fried so on and so forth, so OF COURSE he has some custom iced blended black and white mocha espresso drink with an add shot + whip cream!! I mean REALLLLLLY Pat!?!?!? THEN the other darling Asian lady asks "You want yo regular, wit the chive and bacon crea chee?" his regular?? Oh wowwww. Then Pat, I am sure feeling a bit awkward with his addiction just being revealed to me in all says "Have you met my wife? This is Kayla." Darling Asian lady says "Ohhhh she soo pwetty Patrick! She pwetty wife!" (my fav part of the story obvi!) The we finish up getting all of Pat's custom orders and Darling Asian lady says "Bye Patrick!! I see you tomorrow, ya?!?!" I'm thinking ---- TOMORROW? Does Pat come EVERY day?!? For heaven sakes Patrick! Let a wife know! 

That day my friends... was a REAL eye opener. Ever since, I feel like I am married to a stranger.... it will take baby steps, baby steps people to recover. One step at a time :)

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