Friday, January 20, 2012

Lazy A$$

Let me tell you friends -- I LOVE my days off!! Not just days off, but DAYS OFF... you know, the kind where you have absolutely NOTHING planned. They go like this:

12a.m. (night before day off): should I set an alarm? NO! I got no reason to rush my lazy A$$ out of bed!
9:30a.m.: wake up from a dream and contemplate getting up and having a productive day off, decide that's BLASPHEMY! Resume sleep
11:30 a.m.: Groggily wake from dream... Contemplate waking up.... but just can't
12:00p.m.: Feel guilty for sleeping in even though that was the plan and peel yourself out of warm cozy bed
12:02: Go pee (TMI?)
12:05: Wander around house trying to figure out why I made myself get out of bed.
12:08: Make coffee
12:12: Melt into the couch, turn on T.V. Check Facey.... almost comment or like something but then remember that I haven't responded to my Noties and if I pay others attention before responding to Noties it may upset my peeps, so...I decide against it.
12:13: Look at all my noties and contemplate responding then decide against because my morning coffee hasn't completely set in yet and I'm too groggy and won't seem Smiley enough and I mean... why rush, right? I have ALL day!
12:20: Coffee buzz... respond to noties. Paint Facebook red with Likes and Comments galore!
12:40: Catch up on tivo shows.
2:00: Think about getting out a jammies... decide against.
2:15: Feel guilty about still being in Jammies.
2:17: Think about working out, feel like I should even though I told myself the day before that I didn't have to work out because its my DAY OFF, guilt overcomes me and I decide too do some "gentle" working out on demand.
2:20: Change out of jammies into "work - out clothes"(jammies + sports bra)
2:25: Scroll through on demand for a free workout that looks easy yet will burn 2,000 calories in 10 min and make my metabolism work like magic the rest of the day! Decide on beginners Yoga with an emphasis on core toning.
2:30: Try and master Yoga breathing while Carlita stands over me licking my forehead.
2:35: Downward Dog
2:37: roll around on the floor some more doing "yoga"
2:40: water break.
2:45: More rolling.
2:50: Call it a day. 
2:55: Rinse off, give myself a free pass on hair washing and shaving because it's my DAY OFF!
3:10: Dry off, put on lounge wear ( Comfortable clothing that promotes movement and lounging but also is somewhat acceptable to be worn in public, just in case one might decide to get froyo or Sprinkles - i.e. leggings, yoga pants, sweatshirt, ugg like shoes (if shoes at all))
3:15: Think about putting on make-up.... decide against it.
3:20: Return to couch, think about what I want to eat... realize that Pat get off work in 40 min and will be STARVING (bc men are ALWAYS starving) and so I decide to wait for him, and while waiting munch on white cheddar popcorn.
4:15: Pat gets home. He is STARVING, he wants to use our Mister A's gift card for a romantic night out.
4:16: I explain that today is my DAY OFF so I am in no way prepared for that sort of outing because lounge wear is not acceptable at Mister A's.
4:18: We decide on Rubio's.

So the rest of the day is pretty much like the first part of the day except without the working out and showering and it's in a nutshell AWESOME! Some may call me Lazy, but I call me an expert rester, if you're seeking resting guidance contact me! This post was actually suppose to be about our weekend but somehow morphed into this...? Hakuna Matata :)

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