Sunday, January 22, 2012

Stuffed Sausage

Hello My dearies :)
How was your weekend? Well, I guess It's not quite over yet.. use your time wisely ;)

So... I am a little behind here and I am trying to catch up!! 
This post is about LAST weekend... not to be confused with THIS weekend, that will debut later on :)

Last weekend was overflowing with fun! Actually when I think of last weekend I think of (this may be a little sick) a ton of fun stuffed into a little sausage casing! If you're not picking up on that mental image what I am trying to say is that it was AWESOME! Jam packed with AWESOME

On Friday night we went out with some of our Amigos to this tasty Mexican restaurant called Ortega's - it is in Hillcrest (NO spell check! I am NOT trying to spell Holocaust, geeez! what nerve!)  its so good. The salsa... you will die.. so good! The chips were so salty just the way I like them! I am an excessive salter so to not have to add salt was huge for me! I had the Mango & Mint Margarita and I have been craving it ever since, I would like one with breakfast, lunch and dinner ;) Alcoholic much...?

I left Ortega's with a little buzz, so much so, that I decided to join my lady friends for a night out in PB! I went home put my tracks in then went to Jordyn's house; I needed her to dress me because naturally I had NOTHING to wear!! I know you ladies know what I mean! Your closet is so crowded you can barely sort through your sh*t but some how you have NOTHING to wear! 

Me and My Lady Friends 

The end of the night.... may have had one too many... or three of four :) judging by my face that I seemed to think was hilarious at the time... but I had a GREAT time! Sorry to ruin the picture ladies :) and you can't crop me out because my head is all up in therrrr, snuggled in tight! 

Any whoooo, The next morning we slept in and then went to Eastlake to hang with my parents. My parents have been in town for weeks/months now helping my aunt Laura and they were planning to leave the next day so we want to see their Lovely faces before they went back North! 
I thought I looked cute so naturally I made Pat photograph me... for the blog of course!! ;) 
I was wearing... 
Sweater: Forever, Tall Socks: H&M, Shoes: Target, Sunglasses: Anthropology 

Then Pat and Carlita had their turn... they know how to work the camera ;)
Pat was wearing...
Vest: H&M, Shirt: Volcom, Pants: Levi, Shoes: Sperry, Sunglasses: Shwood + Pendelton 

Us with our Furbaby 
Pit stop at SBUX 
 That night we hung with Laura and my parents we went on a WalMart run, got Pat some camo panties that he couldn't live without + other essentials for Laura. 

Then we had a farewell dinner at PF Changs... Gawd I love that place. Their Mojito's... HEAVEN!  We all ate wayyyyy to much but did not regret a single bite because we were living it up! 

The night ended with me and Carli snuggled on the couch watching some mindless show no doubt while Pat worked out and then soaked his rickety old joints in the hot tub because he's a 90 year old man ;) 

Now that we have Carlita I often wonder.... "what did we do before you... we must have been so bored." Now I can't imagine my life without the little critter... I'm sure it's the same when you have kids... hopefully :) 
I know, I know most of you would call it a weekend at that point BUT me and Pat... oh no... we're like the energizer bunny and we never quit, just keep going and goinggggg

SO on Sunday we woke up and went to Church. Then we hopped in the Element and drove to Newport to visit one of my dearest friends, we go WAYYYY back... practically back to the womb, but not quite... we met in Kindergarten. Her mom was our Kindergarten teacher... I know, right! I don't think it's fair either, I mean EVERY one should at least have a chance at teachers pet, but she had an automatic in...NOT FAIR!! 

She took us to this lovely place for Brunch, called Woodys... they had bottomless Mimosa's, need I say more? Didn't think so. 

The men watched some dumb game that was on while us ladies caught up on life! It was so pleasant! So pleasant that there was even a rainbow! (see below photo) 

Perfect weekend

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