Thursday, January 26, 2012

XO XO, Gossip Girl

For daysssssss me and the Hubs tried to get our greedy little paws on the most sought after cupcake this side of the 5. We'd call... they'd be sold out; we downloaded apps to get secret whisper words only VIP cupcake eaters know about... NADA, We offered our first born furbaby... NOTHING, they're out... to slow we were. What cupcake you ask (?)... as I am sure you are DYING to know... this cupcake my friends is Sprinkles S'More cupcake!! I am sure you are ALL wondering; because it was naturally the first thought that came to my mind (WINK, WINK) "What brilliant mind came up with such a Divine mini cake?" Well... none other than the luscious locked Gossip Girl herself... Blake Lively! I am SUREEEEE she spent DAYYYYYSSSS dreaming up such a novel cupcake ;) How great of her! TGFBL (Thank God For Blake Lively) duh!

Anyway... this cupcake was totally tits (o)(o) Marshmallow frosted, graham cracker crusted, bit of heaven in my mouth. Warning: It was messy... like WOAH how'd I get marshmallow in my jeggings messy ;) But... TOTALLY worth it! However... Red Velvet is still my favy. :)

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