Monday, January 16, 2012

Weekend Wonders

Thank GOD for iPhone, Thank GOD for instagram - without these I do not know if I could remember my own name let alone a weekend past! When I write a blog post I have to scroll back through my photos to jog my memory, it's sad that I am so dependent but I would be hopeless with out so... :)

Last weekend I got to have some much needed girl time. Ever since my dear friends graduated from UCSD ( I still am there till June) my girl time has been far and few. As much as I thought things would not change after Pat and I got married (bc we lived in sin before marriage!... I know! I know! Que judgement now!), I was wrong! Things changed... for the better, but none the less they changed and one of those changes was more Hubby time and less girl time. SO me, Ella and Bri piled in the Element and drove up to San Juan Capistrano to visit my treasured friend Caitlin. When we arrived Caitlin spoiled us with chilled champagne, strawberries, mini quiches and (I KNOW!  settle down Hostess with the Mostest) AND bruchetta!! We gossiped and giggled (can't believe I just typed that, but there's really no better way to describe) and then got dolled up and had cocktails all over town, then came home and watched friends and ate sticky spaghetti, It was great! It was lovely seeing them, makes me regret taking last year for granted when we all had similar schedules and lived in the same town!

Baby Caitlin So presh!! 

On Sunday morning I woke up early, went to church then went to Pat's mom's Birthday. It was a special day and such a fun party because some of my dearest family was there. My parents came, my aunt Laura, Pat's grandparents Irv and Elaine and more great people! We loved getting to catch up and laugh and spend some much needed QT time with each other!

All in All I think i should get an A+ for the weekend. I spent it wisely, crammed in as much as I could, ate whatever I wanted, laughed, and was pooped by the end of it!

Judy Bowing out her candles, Decanted Milk and Chocolate poker chips!!

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