Monday, May 14, 2012

The "To Do" List

You guys!! I swear I still exist! I have been so MIA lately and I appolagize but you can go ahead and curse midterms for that.... I have been cursing them all week! I am SO ready to be done and I am Soooo close I can taste, smell and FEEL the freedom!! But the closer graduation seems to get the LONGER the "To Do" list seems to get! Lovely....;) 

As daunting as my "to do's" seem to be I am trying to remind myself to just flip it the bird sometimes! I mean seriously how much crap can one gal do... I ain't super-woman people! We went to church this weekend and the service was about family but I found a way to connect it to my "to do" list because lately that thing has been weighing HEAVILY {like loaded diaper heavy!} on my mind! Pastor Matt was talking about this guy named Bob... who clearly I need to meet; and how Bob quits something every Thursday. Yup, just flat out up and quits it! I mean EF yeah Bob! And no he doesn't mean, like major huge things like smoking, drinking and the like but just things that have him bogged down, wasting his time, over it! Wow, the thought of that to me was just so freeing, I feel like in our culture there's so much emphasis on following through and finishing; which is definitely not a bad thing and the majority of the time things should be finished and followed through but sometimes I think all of us need to just give these things that are causing us guilt and grief and stress a big old EF YOU!! And ask ourselves "why"?? It means so much to us that we finish it. Who cares if it's finished... does God care? 

Paster Matt also introduced me to a new life motto I've given it an acronym because all good things in life are given an acronym - it's called W.A.B. What About Bob and no I am not talking about my favorite quiter Bob from above, I am talking about the movie people - What About Bob the movie!! If you have not seen this amazing movie GO, NOW put the computer down grab your keys and get it it's awesome! But W.A.B is not only an excellent movie, it's now my way of life. It's called baby steps people...say it with me...BABY STEPS!! It seems too simple, but seriously why do we need to complicate things...? I think sometimes it's really helpful when you have a huge daunting "to do" list to just take it one baby step at a time. It feels easier, and then you get to cross more off, which lets face it, that's everyones favorite part about a "to do" list!! And because this is life and there will always be a "to do" list... {I know, it sucks} if we're always burdened and stressing about our lists can we ever just relax and live! Life is for living and not for listing so sometimes that list of ours.... it needs to go to hell! 

So this week, please join me in WABing and giving our "to do's" a big EF YOU!! GO- live a little! Cut Loose!!