Friday, June 1, 2012

Public Transit Bootay!

I know I deserve a BIG smack on the bum for being so MIA lately! I am so sorry! It's school I tell ya! Damn school! I swear UCSD saved up everything that ever had to be done to graduate and assigned it to me this month!! But, my friends... the count down begins! Only 13 more days of school left then I am a graduated, certified, smarty pants!! Wooo Go me! (that is if I graduate... don't want to jinx myself) Everyone knows the saying "Don't count your chickens before they hatch!" but... I've been counting them... and I tell ya, if they don't all hatch.... things.will.get.ugly.period. 

With that lovely inspirational note, I give you my most awkward moment in a long time. It happen yesterday, I was in the heat, sweating bullets waiting for the shuttle. Yes, me and my public transit bootay have been taking the shuttle to UCSD, apparently me and my senior status, well, we've really humbled ourselves. No, not really, what really happened was Pat had been begging me to take the shuttle forever but I was always afraid I would get on the wrong one, end up in Mexico, become the whistle blower at the club that pours jello shots down tourist throats (I actually think that I might like doing that)... oh I had a list as long as Santas naughty list of reasons why I could not take the shuttle! But then comes Mrs. Cute Floral Jeans that I could not live without... ohhhhhhh but I knew my little frugal Jew of a husband would not let me have them... UNLESS... I cut costs somewhere else to pay for these gems! So... all of the sudden me and Mrs. Cute Floral Jeans were  not quite as terrified to take the shuttle...

So I have been riding the shuttle acting like a pro for about 3 weeks now, it still terrifies me and I can't even tell you how many people have got a lap dance from me, when all the seats in the shuttle are taken and I have to stand and that shuttle rounds a corner....wooooweeeee I should be making tips!

But yesterday, my shuttle experience almost made me cry. The shuttle rolls up and when I am about 2 people back from getting on I realize Mr. Huge Black Scary Man Shuttle Driver (not to be racist, just descriptive) is checking for student ID's. I am carrying a purse the size of Texas and I know there is no way on God's green earth that I can find my wallet in time, let alone my student ID! Sooooo, I just pretended I did notice that he was checking ID's and I tried to shimmy my way past him, but ohhhhh helll nooooo  he was not going to have that! So that's when he yells "Where's yo ID!!!??" and at that point EVERYONE on the shuttle had to stare at me and see who the IDIOT was that tried to shimmy on past him. I said "Oh!" Like i was so silly for forgetting and then awkwardly tried to scavenge through my purse to find it, then I realized this would take a year and I had a line of inpatient sweaty people glaring at me so I said "I'll just get off and take the next one..." then he replied "Next tieee' have it out fo me! Jus'go on!!" So then I said a really sheepish "thanks."  I would have just prefered to take the next one rather than have the whole shuttle stare at me and think the whole ride "what a dumb biatch!" But I was stuck, so I walked mortified to the back of the bus... keeping my eyes to the ground because I did not want to see anyone I knew, that would just make the whole situation 10 times worse! So there I was standing in the back of the bus, sweaty, humiliated and more than ever ready to graduate!!! I could not wait to get off that shuttle and go back to being the annonomous UCSD girl rather than the girl that Effed up the shuttle ride!

I have a history with bad shuttle experiances, when I was in the 1st grade I was so anxious and nervous about getting off at the right bus stop, I started walking to the front of the bus before it stopped and the bus driver yelled at me and it scared me so much I peed my pants! SO at least this time was a little bit better... I didn't pee my pants and that's always a plus  :)

What were we wearing?

Me: Skirt and Shirt - Urban Outfitters, Belt and Sweater - Dreamgirls Clothing Boutique

The Hubs: Shorts and Shirt - H&M, Vest - Pendleton


  1. You look stunning and so pretty!
    Amazing blog!
    Can we follow back each other?

  2. so cuuuteee :)