Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Are You My Calling?

Hello there lovies!! 
Long time no see! 
I miss you all! 

So these past few months I have been experiencing my first life crisis.
I like to call her my quarter -life crisis. 
We've heard all about Mr. Mid-Life crisis over here but quarter-life...well she's highly underrepresented! 
So here I am to represent this b*tch! 
Unlike mr. mid-life where the men buy red porches and attempt to sleep with women half their age whose skin feels like a baby dolphin and the women molest Julio the pool boy and have so much plastic surgery they start resembling Joan Rivers the quarter life crisis is much less scandalous. 
The quarter life crisis is truly depressing, at our age we don't have the money to buy porches and plastic surgery instead we spend our money on paying off school loans and expired parking tickets that have reached an Un-Godly rate! 
So. Less. Fabulous. than the mid-life crisis but after all, they do have another quarter of life on me so I guess they've earned their scandal. 

In less than 8 weeks I will be a college graduate 
{I don't want to jinx myself} 

Although I do feel accomplished and proud I also feel terrified! 
In less than 8 weeks I will be released into the wild. 
The career world. 
Basically, the Hunger Games of our time. 
All competing to the death for a scarce amount of jobs. 
What terrifies me more than that is that I still have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. 
I keep telling myself: "Well, hunny you ARE grown up so you better figure your sh*t out!" 
You would think after 19 longgggggg years of schooling I would know. It would be crystal clear. Oh but no no no! 
I am CLUELESS I feel like the kindergartner who gets asked what they want to be when they grow up and they say a Doctor or Princess or Astronaut. 
Well, can I be a princess? 
That sounds about my speed :)
I'm pretty sure I am qualified. 

But no. 
I may be as clueless as a kindergartner but... I am not as hopeful. 
I know, that at this point I cannot be whatever I want. 
I could be a lot of things but not whatever I want. 
I mean... I heard somewhere that you had to be of Royal Blood to become a princess or marry a prince and all that non-sense. 
Way to make a girl jump through a lot of hoops!

So now I am trying to figure out what exactly my calling is. 
Somewhere in these 19 years God must have whispered to me or screamed to me at this point what exactly I have been "called" to do. 
Did I just not hear him? Did I not want to hear him...? 
Am I deaf? 
So I am trying to find my calling through process of elimination. 
It's like the children's book by P.D. Eastman 
"Are You My Mother?" 
the dog goes around to all these different animals and asks them "are you my mommy?" they all say no until FINALLY he's reunited with his mommy! 
I feel like I am in a very similar process except I am asking 
"Are You My Calling?" 
Everywhere  I go, everything I do I have that in mind now. 
When we went on the Brewery Tours for Pat's birthdays I thought 
"This is it... I was called to brew beer!" 
The other day when me and Pat were rolling up the car windows just enough to get Carlita some fresh air I told Pat to roll the window up more and he said 
"No one could fit their hand through there!" 
then I showed him with my little fetus hand that indeed someone could fit their hand through there and that's when Pat suggested my calling may be breaking into cars! 
So that's some of what we've come up with so far
I will be a beer brewing car thief! 
Sounds easy enough ;) 
If anyone has any better suggestions please let me know! 


  1. Girl, I love your blogs! Thanks for sharing :) I don't envy you, the transition from college to real life is quite often very challenging. Years ago, I took a Jung personality test that gave you some suggested careers with the results. Maybe that might be helpful for you to seek some direction. There should be free ones that come up if you google "jung personality test". Good luck growing up!

    1. Thank you!! I already feel better just hearing that others understand what I'm going through! I have heard of the Jung personality test and have been wanting to take it! I'm so glad you brought it up! It's definitely a good place to start! Thanks girl! XOXO