Friday, March 9, 2012

XO Happy Birthday to my Husband! XO

Happy Birthday to my amazing Husband!! 
He's 28 today! 
Such a cradle robber ;)
When we first started dating I called him "Patophile" like pedophile, ya know because I am 5 whole years younger! 
Oh, he loved that :)
I'm sort of obsessed with him and I already made 2 Facebook tribute posts, but hey, what's one more, it is the mans day of birth after all! 
I'm really going to be scrounging for some new words when I have to fill out his card! 
SO... here we go
Patrick Sean O'Rourke 
you are my favorite Irish, Jew/Christian 
I love every thing about you, even though I get annoyed sometimes when you ask for back scratches over, and OVER, again I still love it, it shows your persistence which I love. I love that you think you started the tribal trends at various man stores lately, I love how the second you get home your pants come off (no not like that dirties ;) ) and you roam around in your boxers like Homer Simpson, I love how you always put me and Carlita first, I love how every time you come back from grocery shopping you have a treat for Carlita, I love how passionate you are about helping people, I love your confidence, I love that you consider my family your own, I love that you wave at every baby you see and make me look at how cute they are, even though it makes me feel creepy :/, I love that you let our bedroom be shabby chic and mostly pink ;), I love your sense of style,  I love how you make phone calls from the "oval office" ;), I love that you smell candles and look at books  at anthropologie while I scour the sale section, I love that when you go to traffic court people think you work there and when they ask you questions you can answer all of them because you've been there SO many times, I love your bad luck with traffic cops haha, I love that you're always there for me 100%, I love that you still pursue me and plan cute dates for us, I love that you're not just my husband but my best friend, I could go on and on, but I do have to save something for his card ;)
Happy Birthday my Love! 
Hope you feel how loved you are today and everyday and I hope today can be half as special as you are - ( I know some of you may have just puked, or maybe you puked a while back...but I love this man, so If my cheesiness made you gag- sorry I'm not sorry! ;) )
I love these pictures. I wish I could remember what we were laughing at!

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