Sunday, March 11, 2012

The 58 Year Old Virgin

Happy Sunday! 
Hope your weekend is going fabulously
Mine is :)

San Diego has just been so sunny these past few days its a crime to be inside, so we've been out and about doing a little of this, a little of that. 
Except, now I'm inside, on my computer writing this... Oh well
I missed you guys! 

On Friday my darling husband turned 28
Such an old fart ;) 
Only a matter of time before I have to get him a cane and start rationing his daily salt intake! 
Just kidding! 
We had so much fun celebrating his birthday with family and my dear friend Natalie 
(it was her birthday too!)
In a few weeks we are planning to do brewery tours with friends to celebrate, but this was a very nice intimate celebration on his actual day of birth! 

We started with dinner at El Camino. I love that place the decor is nothing short of FABULOUS
So many fun things to look at! 
We had dinner and cocktails and instead of dessert (because there was no vegan dessert) the birthdayers and Pat's mom took Birthday shots
This was quite possibly one of the most special shot taking experiences of all time
my mother-in-love Judy had NEVER taken a shot before!!!!!!!!!!
And let me tell you... SHE is a natural! 
She just threw it back!
Bottoms up Judy! 
You go girl! 
And that's when she gave herself the name
"The 58 Year Old Virgin" 
shot virgin that is, but none the less, we popped that cherry ;) 
Below is the evidence! 

After dinner we went out for drinks, we started at the top at Quality Social. 
Pat and the bartender, man bartender mind you, developed a very questionable and threatening bromance in the blink of an eye! 
At first I was just suspicious but all my suspicions were verified when the bartender gave Pat a free $23 dollar shot of Whistlepig whisky! 
(yeah, I know... WTF is Whistlepig?) 
AND shook his hand!
And, for Natalie - the Birthday Girl - NADA.
Pat tried to tell me that it was because they had a shoulder patch "bond" similar to the "man vest bond" but, I wasn't buying it. I'm just saying, I had some serious competition! 
But, who brought the birthday boy home....? 

By the end of our night we ended up at quite possibly the most ghetto fabulous place in downtown San Diego - McFadden's. It was like a porthole to Downtown San Diego in 2006 - the Dj was playing all my favorite songs from high school! And, let me tell you - if you are looking to have a "cheap" night on the town  McFadden's is the place for you! Everything is cheap at McFadden's; the drinks, the women, the entry (in more ways than one I'm guessing ;) )! We danced until last call, and by the end of the night there was so much sh*t on the ground and sloppy drunks tripping over their Charlotte Russe wedges  (us included) I felt like I was leaving a frat party! 
SO Fun! ;)

Birthday Sandwich! 

Judy taking her first shot EVER!!!!

Birthday Boy with his Cactus cup
Pickle Backs at Quality Social
The Beautiful Birthday Girl!
Drunk, Blurry, and Sweaty
How all good birthdays should end!

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