Saturday, March 24, 2012

Ridin' In Style

Happy Weekend!! 
I sure am glad it's here! 
I'm sure all of you have just fabulous plans
I think mine are better ;)
 I get to ride in a hummer limo!
Don't hate!
I know you're jealous! 
Green with envy, 
it doesn't look good on you! 

I know that many of you equate hummer limo's to Jersey Shore, 
Snooki, fist pumping, etc.
Or is that just me?

Well, I don't give an EF!
Because, I am OBSESSED with limos
and the bigger... the better!

It all started during my eight grade graduation.
My best friends parents rented a limo for her and all her chosen besties to cruise in on the last day of 8th grade. I was in, we were besties and it would be the FIRST time I got to ride in a limo!
(It was a white limo too which was the sh*t at the time!)
I know now like pre-schoolers take limos to school and everything, but I lived in a small ass town and to ride in a limo was a big ass deal! 
You were celeb status, royalty.
Pretty much... I had plans to Paris Hilton it up all over Grass Valley's ass 
we got in a fight. Now, I have NO CLUE what this fight was about but then, but it was obviously big enough to get my tush booted out of the limo passe! 
I mean, way to pick a fight with the only person you know that has a limo, on the only week of your life there's a chance to ride in a limo!! 
Good job Kayla! 
I wanted to ride in the limo SO BAD, all the cool kids were gonna be in the limo, and me, what was I going to do now?! 
Go home and watch Fresh Prince Of Bell Air episodes and eat bon bons?!!?

SO long story shortened - 
Limo's are still really cool and sparkly to me because of that traumatic experience. 
I feel like every time I get to ride in a limo I get back a little piece of my poor, pitiful, booted out, eighth grade self and DAMN it feels good! 

So that is why, my weekend trumps everyone else.
And don't worry, I will take 40 million photos of my giddy little self slippin and sliding all over those black leather seats! 
P.S. me and this girl are still friends and we would laugh together about this now...I hope :)

Happy Weekend! 

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  1. Being on a limo ride must've felt awesome! Not only is it glamorous, it also makes you feel like one of those VIPs. Anyway, I hope you get to go on more limo rides in the future with that friend, and have a blast each time! Cheers!

    Evan Blake @ Antique Limo of Indy