Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Park Park Make it Bark

hello love doves!
happy hump day!

so, this past weekend (pre-limousine extravaganza
we went on a little family date to the park. 
we brought our little furbiscuit 
she loves the park. 
the second we open the cabinet where we keep her leash she starts doing her little 
"park park make it bark" 
it's one of my favorite things.

usually we just go to the park to frolic and take instagram pics that make it seem like we leave the house...
but this time, we went to the park with an agenda
to socialize carlita.

we've been told that carlita is socially awkward but as a loving and overprotective mother it really never crossed my mind; it also never crossed my mind that carlita may be a bit chunky... but thanks to some loving friends of ours that was brought to my attention as well. I mean yes, she is technically 10 pounds heavier than we were told she would be but, she is also an entirely different breed than we were told she was, so its really just all so mysterious. twilight zone mysterious.
i mean for all we know she could be a german Shepperd!
only time will tell.

before carlita was forced into the meat market they call "dog park" she was having a gay old time! 
biggest smile, sniffing every trashcan, shaking her tail feathers and such, just presh!

then we arrived.
we harassed her little furry bum inside the enclosure and she just stood right between my legs checking the scene. curious about bum sniffs but not quite ready to participate yet. 
then here comes kujo out of the blue and long story shortened
we left the park with all the undesirable things life offers:
a sprained leg for carlita
 for me... i left feeling like the worst mother ever
so much guilt.

"i should have picked her up"
"i could have saved her"
"i should have protected her better"
"i shouldn't have forced her to be such a social critter"

pat had to talk me down for days after.
i still feel awful.
it may be a while before we return to the dog park.
i'll just leave it at that.

on a lighter note...
we did snatch some cute picks :)
check it!

my poor baby :(
kills me.

P.S. I'm breaking out my camera, so i can give you some more quality eye candy ;)
i found out that i really like photography (that doesn't mean im good at it) 
but i really like capturing moments, so im trying to step up my game!
wish me luck!

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