Friday, March 23, 2012

Picnics Are For Lovers

Hello Lovies!!
I am still alive!

I made it through finals and now I am officially on Spring Break!!
Someone pour me a drink!
Bring on the booze!
Actually... I already began bringing on the booze last night and I've somehow been hungover all
  mutha -effing day, and I didn't even drink hard alcohol! 
It's unfair and I'm ashamed, but here I am 
Hakuna Mattata!
It was worth it:) 

Because I've been cooped up all this past week writing 3 eight page papers (24 total pages, if my math serves me correctly) and stressing over a 15 min presentation (yes, I did contemplate suicide several times) I haven't really been out much to enjoy the weather - or wear anything cute worth documenting. 
SO, today I bring you one of my favorite days,
 from one of my favorite weekends a few weeks ago! 
I've been meaning to share this whimsy little number with you for ages now but finals snuck up on me and before I knew it I was buried in books, no SUFFOCATING under books! 
But finally the day has come where I can blog in peace
 and not feel guilty about it 
because I ain't got SH*T to do now! 
Hallelujah Praise JESUS!
So pour yourself a glass of vino, put on some Black Keys or Lil' Wayne 
(whatever's your fancy ;) )
and enjoy! 

So we decided to go on a picnic.

We set up camp under this perfect tree.

We made Better-Than-Tuna-Salad sandwiches and freshly juiced apple and pear mimosas!

I twirled.

This park is just footsteps from our home! We're lucky!
We canoodled :)
I tried to get Carlita to pose.

Pat took pictures of me stuffing my face without my knowledge, but - not gonna lie, I sorta liked em'

My two favorites.

Me hauling Carlita's A$$ home.
The end.
Have a fab weekend!

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