Friday, April 13, 2012


You guys!!! You guys!! You GUYS!! 
I am crushing HARD.
For the first time in a LONG.A$$.TIME. 
I have found a band that I am head over heals for!
I usually like one song and then the rest of them are so-so, but NO not this band! 
I like it all! 
The band is called 
and the song that is currently on repeat over, and OVER again is called 
Some Nights. 
Maybe you guys already knew that I was obsessed if you are friends with me on FB because Spotify and FB have collaborated to call us over-listeners, on repeat all month people out {thanks fb!} But if anything that should just show you guys how completely obsessed I am with them because of my willingness to spotify them - basically shout off the facebook rooftops that I am obsessed! 
This band MADE me get spotify! 
You see, I didn't have it, wouldn't have it for so long because I hated that it showed all of facebook what you were listening to! Maybe I wasn't ready for all of my facebook friends to know about my Beiber Fever or soft spot for Bonnie Rate, Ok?!
But, I gave in! I had to get spotify because Pandora would not let me repeat Some Nights even once! Let alone until my neighbors ears bled! And of course I am still WAY to cheap to pay 99 cents for it on iTunes! 
{But I am strongly considering it, that should tell you something too!}
So here you have it! Let it be your weekend anthem! 
Apparently, they don't have a music video for it yet, but I'd help them make one :)
Happy Friday 

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